Friday, March 11, 2011

NEW! Dance Studio Jacket & White Pacesetter Pullover

New Dance Studio Jacket. It's supposed to be reversible. It's hard to tell anything from this photo so I will post more photos when I find them.

The Pacesetter Pullover has hit the US in white. I think this may only be going to "cold" weather stores. I'd be very surprised if it showed up in Sothern California.

Photo of the black (or coal?) Energy SS top.

New Scoop Neck in Snorkel and Black

Photos of the Newest Stuff - Pure Focus Tank, Pure Balance Jacket, and More

Some more photos of the Pure Focus tank. I really like how it looks on this woman. Anyone try this on yet? I know it's in some Los Angeles area stores.

Unicorn Tear Groove crops with Violaceous Power Y. This makes such a cute outfit.

Love this Swiftly paried with the Violaceous hat. So pink and girly!

I was wondering how the Pure Balance looked paired with the matching SE Wunder Unders.

Posting this primarly to show you what the back of the Coal Strata Stripe Ta Ta Tamer looks like.

I think this is the first photo where the Rubber Ducky Scuba looks like it does in real life. (White Pure Balance Jacket on the left)

The Unicorn Tears CRB looks fantastic on this woman. It looks really nice against a darker skin tone.

She also looks really nice in the Iris Wee Stripe In Stride (and, of course, Violaceous). The lady in the Wren In Stride looks good, too. People with a golden or olive skin tone look really nice in Wren.

NEW! Aura Jacket

New reversible cotton jacket called the Aura Jacket. This is from an Oregon store. The photos of the jacket don't really set me on fire so this will be an easy pass for me. I'm also not a big fan of jackets with giant hoods.

Run Energy SS Now in the US!!!

I am so excited! The new Run: Energy SS in Violaceous is now in the US. This is from an LA area store. I hope it comes in the sleeveless version, too!

NEW!!! Tango Red and a New Mystery Tank *NOT!!!* Sorry!!!

From Australia - first photos of the new Tango Red CRB and matching shorts. Also, a new mystery tank in hot pink (Senorita? Violaceous?) with what looks like a Sheer luon back. I'm very excited to find out more about these tanks.  Crumbs!!! The Brisbane store said the CRB was Alarming and the tank in the photo was a Go With The Flow from last year. I am bummed.

More Photos of the Violaceous Downtime Jacket

These photos are from Australia so don't get too excited because the Violaceous Downtime jacket isn't here quite yet. It's a very pretty jacket with a dip dye or ombre color graduation which is so pretty. I wish they would use it more in tanks and tops. I think this is my favorite version of the Downtime.

Australian Excitement - Tango Red Coming Soon & Is the Energy SL Coming Back???

Sooo, these photos from an Australian store have me cautiously excited. They weren't featuring new clothes but a trip to a local yoga studio for a "lemon drop," whatever that is, but I am hoping they are wearing new clothes in the photos. I am excited because the hot pink tank doesn't look familiar to me. I am hoping it is an Energy SL in Violaceous. I know the new Sunset tank is coming out in Violaceous but it doesn't look like the Sunset tank, which has more of an Empire silhouette. Even if it not the Energy SL, it looks like a running singlet with a shape I like so I will be excited to learn more about it. Also, the red CRB is exciting because Lululemon has made red in a long time. However, cameras and computers have trouble capturing reds so it's not impossible it could be Alarming or another orangey red. If any Australian readers can give us some insight it would be much appreciated.

Update - A reader writes in that the red is Tango Red so I am totally excited about that. Another reader writes that she thought the hot pink tank may be the Go With The Flow from last year. I've added another photo to show the shoulder straps are not the same as the Go With the Flow. I also don't think the material in these photos drapes like organic cotton. In fact, in the top photo, I would almost say the back is made of Sheer Luon because it looks like a slightly different color than the front. You can see the photos for yourself at the Brisbane FB site. Anyway, I am very excited by these photos.

2nd Update - The Brisbane store commented that the red tank is Alarming and the other tank is a Go With the Flow. Bummer. I didn't think the straps looked the same but I guess they could be.

Go With the Flow Tank

Big Loot Upload Last Night

There was a big upload to the Loot section last night about 6pm pacific time. There are still quite a few new things left as of right now but in limited sizes. I had a meeting at school last night and then went to bed early so I totally missed it. There is nothing I really want but I am bummed I missed the initial upload. Tell us the bargains you snared! ;-)