Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pure Focus Tank Product Info

I like the photo of the black best where the tank is bloused up a little. Too bad they didn't put a drawstring in the bottom.

The new Pure Focus Tank showed up in one of my product alerts. It's cute but made for willowy types and I'm pretty sure it won't work on me. I like the unique look, though.

Here is the information:

  • This loose, soft tank allows you to focus on your practice while the tight band at the hips keeps it flipping over your head in inversions
  • Sheer luon® fabric body is ultra light with stretch, breathability and wicking performance
  • Elastic straps are adjustable and can be worn straight or may cross the back
  • Bra elastic adds support without restriction
  • Mesh shelf bra comes with removable cups
  • Black, Wren, Violaceous
  • Sizes 2-10

Unicorn Tears Coming in Downtime Jacket and Scuba Hoodie

The Lululemon website blog has an article about how to wear prints and they have this photo of a Unicorn Tears jacket. It's pretty wild and reminds me a of snowboarding jacket. There is also a Scuba hoodie coming in the Unicorn Tears.

 This is from an Australian Product Alert. The color code is Ivory SADU. Not sure what SADU (Sand dune?) stands for. I think the insert is made of sheer luon so I'm betting this is an SE Scuba and will be $128.

NEW! Sunset Tank

A new shelfless tank that looks to be an update of last year's Sunrise tank - the Sunset Tank. This is a good tank for busty women who need to wear their own bra. This is from an Australian product alert so it won't be here for awhile but I'm glad to see new hot weather tanks appearing. The tanks made of luxtreme, circle mesh, and silverescent circle mesh are great for hot weather and sweaty workouts like spin or hot yoga. My only issue with the Surise tank is that I have narrow shoulders and the straps tend to fall down and this tank looks to fit the same way. I am looking forward to trying it on.

  • Work-out from sunrise to sunset in this long-length, body-skimming, shelfless tank!
  • Designed specifically to fit over your full support bra of choice
  • Lightweight, inherently wicking luxtreme™ fabric keeps you dry & comfortable
  • Body built from anti-stink circle mesh
  • Wide comfortable straps won't dig into your shoulders on a long run
  • Cinchable drawcord hem
  • Flat seamed for chafe resistance & comfort
  • Comes in Black, White, And Violaceous
  • Sizes 4-12
Sunrise Tank

Upload Thursday Eve

I've already spent a fortune this month and it's barely a week in. The only thing I really want is the Scoop Neck in the Unicorn Tears print. I didn't care for the UT CRB so I'm hoping I'll like the Scoop Neck better. I think I've only seen this in Australia so I am highly doubtful it will show up tomorrow or even for a couple of weeks. That's ok, my credit card needs a break.

I'm thinking tomorrow is going to be a major upload and am sure we'll see tons of goodies tomorrow like the Pure Balance tanks and the Unicorn CRB. I hate to say this but you might want to order a couple of Unicorn Tears CRBs to ensure you get a good pattern. I've definitely thought about doing that when the UT Scoop Neck shows up. The few CRBs I've seen in my size range had a lot of white near the face and I didn't care for how they looked on me. It's not like you'll be stuck with them. I have a feeling the UT CRB will sell out super fast and you'll be able to resell yours in any size in a flash.

What are you all hoping shows up tomorrow?

Today's Shopping Trip: Wren Stills

I visited both the Irvine and Newport stores today. I was hoping the Irvine store had some better patterns in the Unicorn Tears CRB but they didn't. Both stores are still unpacking boxes. They had a bunch of the latest stuff - the newest Swiftlys, all the Downtime Jacket colors, and Wren Stills. The Clarity Gray/Lilac Swiftly is so pretty. It's the one with the oatmeal colored body and pink sleeves - just gorgeous. The Irvine store had a few nice markdowns - the Willpower Pullovers were marked down to $79. They had one white Outward Bound jacket in size 10 for $118 that I was tempted to get. They also had a Static Sprinkler Blue Pacesetter Longsleeve in size 4 on markdown that some one must have ordered during the 15 minutes it showed up on the website and returned. Both stores had Dance Studio Crops in black. I tried them on but I already bought the Wren and I want to see how much I like them first before I commit to another pair.

When I tried on the Wren In Stride Jacket yesterday, I thought the green was too gray and not green enough but I wore my Coal Still pants to the store today so I could compare. The above photo is a comparison of Wren (left) and Coal (right). The Wren pants are obviously green and I really liked how they looked with the black top I was wearing. I'm a big fan of khaki green pants anyway so this wasn't a hard sell for me. I like Wren much better as a bottom for me rather than in the tops where it's against my skin. It just washes me out too much. I have a lot of orange tops so I'll have a lot to wear with the Wren. I just need a jacket that goes with the green pants. Hmmm....

Unicorn Tears Wunder Under Crops - Wild!

The Unicorn Tears Wunder Under Crops are totally wild. If you have a shape like the web model you can carry them off. I bet they'd look great with a solid black tank.

Another Photo Showing a Bra Layered Under the Pure Balance Tank

I'm not sure what bra this is. I don't think it's a flow since the front is kind of pointed. Is it the new Arise bra? Or maybe a 50 Rep?

More Photos of the New Pure Focus Tank

Now that I see more photos of the new Pure Focus Tank, I'm pretty sure it isn't going to work for me. I'll try it on but I know that band at the bottom is not going to do me any favors. I wonder how this tank would look if you didn't stretch it all the way down. As soon as I spot more photos I'll upload.