Tuesday, March 8, 2011

More Photos of the Latest - Downtime Jacket, Innder Strength Tank, Pure Balance Jacket and More

This lady is probably petite because the Pure Balance jacket does not run long on me at all. It hits me the same spot as the web model and I'm 5' 5".
New Swiftlys in Classic Sport Gray/Black, Snorkel, Violaceous, Flush, Lilac Snow, and Sprinkler.

I really like how the black portions of the Inner Strength tank play off black skirt.

New CRBs in Casis, Unicorn Tears (the one I tried on was like this with lots of white at the bust. It reminded me of a swim suit), Violaceous, Snorkel, and Iris Wee Stripe.

Wren In Stride Jacket. This jacket has Wren Denim portions on the sleeves and in the lulu symbol.

Violaceous Effortless Tote

Downtime Jacket.

Great montage of all the latest.

In Stride Jackets in Iris Wee Stripe and Violaceous/Coal

More Comments on the Fit of the Pure Balance

Not to pick on this woman by using her photo, but the straps on the Pure Balance seem a bit on the long side/are not supportive so if your boobs need some lift from the straps to ride high, you are not going to find it with this tank. The Pure Balance is kind of engineered to have your boobs go off to the side, or at least look like they are heading towards your armpits. If you are young and/or still perky or have had a lift, then this tank will be fine on you, but if your girls need a little help, this tank may not work so well for you.

NEW!!! Pure Focus Tank

A very cute, Grecian style new tank called the Pure Focus. It' looks like it's made out of sheer luon. I think the colors in this photo are Wren and Iris. I am very intrigued by this tank and will post more photos and info as soon as I find out. This is from a Los Angeles store. (Thanks to Zanna for the heads up!)

Photo of Pure Balance Tank with a Flow Y Layered Underneath

For those of you thinking of wearing another bra under the Pure Balance tank, here is a great photo. I'm pretty sure this is a Flow Y since the new Arise bra has a different shape in the front (more pointed).

Try On Report: Pure Balance Jacket, Pure Balance Tank, and More

I went to the store today hoping to get the Unicorn Tears CRB and try on a bunch of the newest arrivals. I ended up leaving with the Pure Balance Jacket. Reports are right - the luon does feel thicker than normal. The jacket is very fitted, similar to a Define, but I don't think you need to size up. Hanging open, the jacket just covers my rear (I'm 5' 5"). When the jacket is zipped up, it hits me at the same spot as the web model. I think this jacket looks best zipped up, again similar to the Define. I bought the black because I liked the contrast between the black sheer luon and the black luon and thought it a slimming look. The front pockets are large but there are no interior pockets. There are no cuffins but there are thumbholes. You can't tell in the above photos but there are decorative tone-on-tone seams running down the arms - see the photo below:

Detail of the seaming running down the arm and in the front along the lulu symbol on the Pure Balance Jacket
I tried on the Pure Balance tank in both Violaceous and the Wren/Wee Iris version shown above. I thought the Wren/Iris version fit a little snugger. I did not think this tank fit small at all. It's too bad the straps are not adjustable or shorter because the weight of my boobs pulled down the bra portion and made it even more obscene than it already was. I also wish they didn't make the opening so wide because I might have been able to get away wearing this. I tried layering the new Arise bra underneath and it covered up quite a bit but the bra is not made for busty ladies and it smashed me down and gave me a bizarre-looking cleavage. It's really too bad they made the front so low. If they had made it more like a Deep V, they would have had a runaway hit on their hands. It's a super flattering tank but way too open and low cut for a lot of women to feel comfortable in. One of the educators told me she didn't care for it being so revealing even though she wasn't that endowed on top. This is a tank that will work for ladies with very modest busts and even then I recommend trying some twisting moves to see if there will be nip slips before you take the tags off.

 I tried on the Downtime jacket and liked it. I thought it fit TTS and was fairly roomy in the chest and shoulders. My store only had the Silver stripe version which has a lot of contrasting stripes and color blocking I don't care for. I liked the jacket but it was one of those running jackets that puffs out and makes you look like a ball with legs. I prefer my jackets to have a more streamlined shape, like the Outward Bound jacket so this jacket is a pass for me unless I get a great sale.

The only tank my store had in the Unicorn Tears print was the Cool Racerback. I tried on a couple of different sizes but I didn't care for either on me. I don't know if it was a bad distribution of color or what, but I felt that the print was wearing me rather than me wearing the print. I think if I choose a tank where more skin shows, like a Power Y, or a tank with some solid colors, like the Scoop Neck or Inner Strength, I might like it better but the UT CRB is going to be a pass for me.

I also tried the Arise bra. This bra is strictly for those who need minimal support or extra coverage. If you are busty, it will not do anything for you other than smash you down and maybe give you a little extra coverage. It does seem like it was meant to go under the Pure Balance tank because the straps line up perfectly.

I saw the new Pure Move and Stance Pant but they didn't have my size so wasn't able to try them on. I did take them into the room to check them out. I thought the luon in them and the new Stratus Wunder Unders felt soft and thick,similar to the new Pure Balance jacket, so I'm thinking Lululemon has a new luon vendor/recipe. I'll be interested in hearing feedback from those of you buy these pants on how they wear regarding pilling and seeing your underwear when you bend over. I've read other people say they thought some of the new black pants were thicker these days.

I tried on the Wren In Stride jacket and liked it but it doesn't do much for my complexion so it was a pass for me. I would consider the Wren Define but I'm not a huge fan of the Iris Wee Stripe insert and would prefer a solid Define. My store didn't have the Wren Still pants but I'm not sure I will get them now that I have the Wren Dance Studio crops.

 I almost forgot, I tried on the new SE CRB with the ruffle in the back. My store only had the Violaceous version. I thought the ruffle was cute and very low key and it in no way would discourage me from getting this CRB. I would have liked to try the next size down in Violaceous but it was gone. All in all, a very cute twist on the CRB.

NEW! Wren Still Pants (finally!), Sprinkler Ikat Downtine Jacket, Iris Scuba

Still Pants in Wren - I am in trouble. I need this pants!  ;-)

Downtime Jacket in Sprinkler Ikat Print

Scuba in Iris - so pretty! (I don't think this is in North America yet)

This Scuba was identified as Heathered Violaceous but it also looks like Purple Crush to me. We'll need a close up shot to be sure but it's a pretty color.

Great Photos of the Pure Balance Jacket, Get Focused Tank, Inner Strength Tank and More

A great photo showing the detail of the Coal Pure Balance Jacket. I am hoping to go to the store this morning but having some work done at the house so I'm not sure when I can get away. I'm dying to see all the newest stuff.

The Violaceous Inner Strength Tank is a solid.

Some nice up-close photos of the Unicorn Tears Get Focused Tank

Pure Move Crop in solid Coal. Shown with a Violaceous Power Y

Waistband Detail of the Stance Pant

Up-close photo of the Iris Wee Stripe In Stride Jacket

Pure Balance Tanks - Wren/Iris Wee Stripe, Black, Violaceous

This photo is from Australia so I'm not sure if this Swiftly is here yet but it's super pretty. I'm not sure of the main color - light classic sport gray/silver? and iris.

Pace Setter Pullover in Iris, from Australia.