Sunday, March 6, 2011

Interesting Lulu Knockoffs

There's not much Lululemon-related news this weeked so I thought I'd post some photos readers have sent me. Reader Ellen sent me a couple of photos she took at her local Costco. They are Tuff knockoffs of the Scoop Neck tank, priced at $13.99.

I wonder where they put the Tuff flower logo on this tank. I spot a lot of Tuff stuff at my LA Fitness.

Another reader sent me a photo of this Lulu-ish tank she found at Walmart a few weeks ago. I would say it was definitely "inspired" by the Hot Yogi Tank. The Walmart tank is more of a knockoff - similar resemblance but enough details changed so it's not identical. The Tuff tank is a total clone which is why I suspect some sort of relationship between Tuff and Lululemon.

Lululemon Hot Yogi Tank

NEW! Stance Pant

Reader Luvlulu sent me a link to a new pant (crop?) called the Stance Pant. I can't decide if I like them or not. What do you guys think?

  • This tight, straight legged crop pant is great for Pilates, bar classes and all post exercise activities
  • Medium rise, narrow leg hitting just above your ankle so you can be aware of your alignment at all times
  • Made with luon® fabric - breathable, cotton-like feel, 4-way stretch providing support and allowing for freedom of movement
  • Hidden waistband pocket to secure $ & keys
  • Flat seamed for chafe resistance & comfort
  • Preshrunk
Reader Zanna pointed out the Santa Barbara FB page has photos of the Stance Pants in action:

Stance Pants in Black/Violaceous paired with the Violaceous Pure Balance Tank

Coal Stance Pants paired with the Downtime Jacket