Saturday, February 26, 2011

NEW! Hot Move Short & Dance Studio Crop

Photo of the new Hot Moves Shorts made of Sheer Luon. Product Info: Lined loose hot yoga short made with sheer luon fabric- our most lightweight breathable wicking fabric. Medium rise with a circle mesh liner so you can concentrate on your breath through any pose.

 Photo of the new Dance Studio Crops

NEW! CRB Color

Not sure what this color is - Static Margarita? It looks a little dark to be margarita but you never can tell with lighting variations in photos. A reader says this is microstripe Wren and she says it's an extra long CRB.

I'm thinking it's not margarita. Maybe Static Wren? A reader says this is Microstripe Wren. I'm not sure what the wrinkles are in the front. Some people have speculated they are just wrinkles but they are too symmetrical so I am wondering if this is another SE version of the CRB. As soon as I get more info I'll update. If anyone has seen this tank in their local store and has more info, let us know.

Unicorn Tears and Violaceous Has Arrived in the US!!!!

New Hot Move Short and Stratus Wunder Under Crop. Is that a Unicorn Tears Hot Class bra/tank under her white CRB? (good eyes, readers!)
Iris Wee Stripe / Wren Scoop Neck Tank and Dance Studio Crops
Great news! These photos are from the Santa Barbara, CA store so the latest colors have hit the US. I've also read there will be a CRB coming in the Unicorn Tears print.

There is also a new style of Wunder Unders with the pin stripe down the leg.

This photo is from Australia. This photo shows special edition Groove Crops and and an SE CRB. I'm not sure if the large ruffle is at the bottom of the CRB but I think that is what is making the CRB "special". The tiny ruffles are the SE Groove Crops we've seen before. I could be wrong but that is what I think I'm seeing in these photos. If any Australian readers have seen these special edition items and I'm wrong, let us know. The store confirmed that the big ruffle is on the CRB.