Thursday, February 24, 2011

Static Sprinkler Pace Setter LS - Come and Gone

Lululemon snuck this on the website about three hours ago and it came and went in 15 minutes from what I am reading on the boards. Hopefully you've all subscribed to the This Just In Facebook page and got an alert although it was during dinner time on the west coast. Thanks, Lulu.  I have a Static Wish Dash LS so I wouldn't have wanted it anyway but why was this uploaded so late in the day?

More Australian Goodies - Photo of Unicorn Tears Scoop Neck & New Wunder Strata

Some Aussie product notices came in while we were out to dinner. This is a photo of the Unicorn Tears Scoop Neck. I am really liking it, even loving it.

These were identified as Iris/Violaceous Wunder Under Strata Crops but the pale color looks a lot like Lilac Snow. Anyway, we won't know for sure until we see more photos and product notices. The hot pink stripes are very eye catching, though.

Random Good Lulu Photos - Polo Park

There are some interesting photos in the Polo Park Facebook site. Some one obviously has a very nice lens and camera. Anyway, this photo of the light gray pique Define illustrates why I love the Define style so much - it hugs your curves so wonderfully.

I think this is a great photo illustrating the true color of the new Wren DSPs.

The new special edition Wunder Unders look great on this girl, but with a shape like that what doesn't look great.

Wren Still Crops and Relaxed Fit Pant Arriving in the Stores

OMGosh, Still Crop (and hopefully Pant) fans, Wren Still Crops are arriving in Canadian stores. Squeeee! Still Pant/Crop/Shorts are my everyday wear and I have been dying for a green color. I am so excited. I was wondering why I've been seeing so many black Still crops on the markdown racks lately. Yay!

PS - I missed this before but one of the Australian PNs has a Define in Wren/Iris Wee Stripe. I need to sell a kidney or to get all the lululemon I want. Ugh!

PPS - A Wren Relaxed Fit pant is in stores now, too.

Today's Upload - What Did You Get?

I cannot believe how quick the Calm and Cozy Sweaters sold out. There are quite a few Lulu Angels on the various Facebook sites so you have a good chance of finding some one who will get this for you at their local store. My stores did not have these in as of yesterday but I would think they'll be getting them.

Lot's of people looking for the Lilac Pace Setter Pullover. It just hit Australia, so I can't see it being uploaded today. However, as soon as Lululemon finishes the morning upload, I often get product notice emails in the afternoon with new items at the stores. I would not be at all surprised to see this start arriving in local stores very soon. It could be wishful thinking, though, but I hope I'm right.

Anyway, I didn't get anything but will keep an eye on the website for sneak uploads. What did you all get?

Wunder Groove Crop Lovers - They Have Been Restocked in Black

Quite a few of you have mentioned that you love the Wunder Groove crop better than regular Wunder Unders but they haven't been making them lately. It looks like Luluemon found some more or made some black ones because they black has been restocked on the US Side (Canada more more colors. Anyway, for those who love Wunder Groove Crops, get them while you can.  (Thanks to Amber for the heads up)

Today's Upload - Running Commentary

Oooh, I see some goodies already but I am going to be strong (I think):

Purple Crush Scuba
Rubber Ducky Scuba
The Purple Crush Scuba is so pretty!

Sprinkler Define
Branch/Black Reversible Wunder Unders
Not sure why Lululemon is dribbling out Branch items. Why not just release a bunch of pants in branch, like Stills, Grooves, and Relaxed Fit pants? There is quite a pent up demand for browns and it goes with the latest batch of orange tanks.

 Pace Setter PO in Static Black - I have my eye on the Lilac/Iris version that should be coming soon.

Pace Setter Pullover Coal Strata Stripe

 Wren Dance Studio Pants - US Side Only

 The Calm and Cozy sweaters finally showed up. I know I will snag this and think I can get a similar top for less money elsewhere so this is a pass for me. It's selling fast, though.

The SE CRB showed up in Flush only, so far. This is a light upload as far as tanks and new tops are concerned. Rather disappointing but I am looking forward to new tops in Violaceous. I hope there are some new designs coming soon and not just strappy tanks that larger busted women can't use at the gym.