Wednesday, February 23, 2011

More Australian Goodies - Iris Wee Stripe and More Unicorn

Cool Racerback in Iris Wee Stripe

Wunder Unders in Iris Wee Stripe

Power Y in Iris Wee Stripe

 Close Up of Iris Wee Stripe

What color is Iris exactly? A maroon?

New Record Breaker Crops in Coal Strata Stripe and Violaceous

Unicorn Tears Visor - This visor is pretty loud, even for me.

Static Snorkel Blue Pace Setter Pullover and Unicorn Visor

Tomorrow's Upload - What Are You Hoping For?

I think it's too early to hope for the Unicorn Tears things to show up in the US yet, but one can always hope. I don't think there is anything I am looking for in tomorrow's upload unless it is a surprise technical tank or a Gather Together or Remix Light Re-Release. Now that I have seen the Unicorn Tears and some Violaceous stuff, I think I need to get selling some stuff to build up a war chest to get everything I think I will want. I'm hoping there is a CRB in the Unicorn Tears print but if not, I will settle for a Power Y or Scoop Neck. I also think I want a Define in Violaceous.

What are you hoping for?

More Aussie Heads Up - Snorkel Blue Pace Setter Pullover

Australia is getting Pace Setter Pullovers in Static Snorkel Blue and Iris (or is it Lilac Snow?). I would think these would be coming fairly quickly since it's nearly the end of February.

Aussie Heads Up - Unicorn Tears Print!!!

The Stratus Wunder Unders are back and in the new Multi Unicorn Tears Print. I think I am going to really like this print. This version is a coal and multi Unicorn Tears.

There is also a new running crop called the Record Breaker Crops. This is the multi Unicorn Tears print.

Product Info:

  • Break records (and hearts) in these knee-length running crops
  • Made of 4-way stretch power luxtreme™ fabric for 'no bounce' muscle support & quick drying, wicking capabilities
  • Mid-rise waistband with drawstring & elastic for support
  • Body-shaping flatlocked seams reduce abrasion
  • Back zipper pocket for secure storage
  • Quick-access gel pockets

 I didn't get through reading the whole product alert - here is the Power Y in the Multi-Unicorn tears print. Love!

A new Hot Class tank in Violaceous although the product alert calls it "viola", the html labels it VILC. It definitely looks Raspberry/Sangria-ish to me. I wonder how much it will bleed?  I don't care, it's worth it. Just don't wear it with a white jacket.

There is also a new Cross Train cap in Violaceous with Unicorn Tears under the brim.

There are also Speed Shorts coming in this print.

Also, All Sport Bra in Violaceous, Flow Y in Violaceous and Unicorn Tears, Gather and Crow in Unicorn Tears, Relaxed Fit Crop in Unicorn Tears, Scoop Neck in Coal and Viola and Unicorn Tears (not exactly sure as to how the colors are combined here), Hot Class bra in Unicorn Tears, Visor in Unicorn Tears.

    Made a Facebook Page for the Blog

    I added a Facebook page for the blog to facilitate discussion. I am trying to add links for the various other helpful Luluemon FB pages like the Exchange and This Just In and Outlet shopping but I haven't figured it out just yet. I see the link to it on the right has disappeared again - arghh! Please bear with me until I get it all sorted out.

    Try On Report: SE CRB and new Run: Record Breaker Jacket

    I tried on the new SE Cool Racerback and was disappointed in the fit. The scoop neck didn't scoop down as much as a regular CRB (especially in the flush, the black was better) and the fit was very boxy in the waist in the front. I thought the view from the back was fine, though. I tried sizing down to see if that helped with the waist but then the sheer luon doesn't sit right in the back and clings to your lumps and bumps, like in this photo:

    The SE CRB also had zig zag stitching around the neckline and armholes which I really don't care for. I did like the lightweight feel of sheer luon on my lower back but I just didn't like how the tank looked on. I did end up buying a static black CRB. The Newport store had static CRBs in a lot of colors Oasis, Plum, Very Violet, Gray, and Black. However, I think there were mostly only larger sizes left except for the Oasis. They also had a small markdown rack out with quite a few crops like Stills and random running crops on it with a few tops and shorts and some stuff for the guys.

    I also tried on the Run: Record Breaker Jacket and like a lot of people, found it a bit snug in the shoulders and chest. I think it's probably TTS as a to and fro jacket, but when I pumped my arms to pantomime running, it pulled across my chest and felt snug. The hood zips away, which I like. It's pretty steeply priced at $168 and a pass for me.

    I also tried on the Coal No Limit tank and I think it runs a bit larger in the circle mesh tunic portion, definitely larger than the Flush version and maybe similar to the Aruba. The store didn't have a size 10 Flush for me to compare but the Coal seemed looser fitting in the hips than the Flush I bought last week. The bra is not extra stretchy or loose fitting and fits TTS.  I seriously considered getting it, but figured I can live with two No Limit tanks.