Thursday, February 17, 2011

NEW! Photo of Flush Pure Balance Tank

A photo of the Pure Balance tank in Flush. I think I like the white best still but this one is very pretty. These are being sold on ebay right now but hopefully will be in regular stores soon. You can try hunting them down at strategic partner stores for right now. (Thanks for the find, Zanna!)

NEW! Pacesetter Pullover is Now Hitting the Stores

 I think I like this version a lot better than the static Flush and Static Black that were uploaded to eBay earlier this week. I wonder if they will have make a pullover in the Static Ash color. I really like Static Ash.

New Lululemon-Related Facebook Group: "Lulu This Just In"

I'm sure your husbands, significant others, and bank accounts will hate me, but there is a new Lululemon related Facebook group you fellow addicts might be interested in called "Lulu This Just In." Composed of members with major Lululemon-OCD, if you are waiting for an item to pop up on the website - through a regular upload, sneak upload or a return - someone in this group will surely be among the first to know and post it. It's really quite awesome (and dangerous!).

Upload Starting Early Today - Running Commentary on Upload

Lululemon started early today. The No Limit and CRB tanks, Ikat Hot Class Tank plus long sleeve Swiftlys have already been uploaded.

Just to keep us on our toes, Lululemon started the upload really early and it has been going fast and furious. I ordered the Flush No Limit but held off on ordering the other two. On a side note, this is how I like to wear my No Limit tank - bloused up a little. I don't care for it pulled down so much like in the Ikat photo.

All the new Push UR Limits were uploaded.

All the new Distance Tanks were uploaded, too. I like Lilac Snow but not in this tank.

The Pace Setter long sleeve was uploaded. Some people don't care for the fit of this top but I thought it fit ok as far as a to and fro piece.
The Sprinkler Effortless Tote was uploaded and also a surprise...

Urban Messenger Yogini in Ikat

Lots of Swiftlys were uploaded today. This is the one my sister got. I really like this color.

I really like the Flush Scuba but Lululemon had to go and make is a pillow version which I hate. I wonder if the newest colors in Sprinkler, Flush, and Beachy Green will also be made in regular Scubas.

The Pure Balance Pants were uploaded. I am not a fan of wrinkles behind the knee.

The Pace Setter crops were also uploaded.

The Solace Jackets were uploaded, too. People on Facebook are saying to size up on this jacket.

What did you all order today?