Wednesday, February 16, 2011

More Photos of the Latest, Including New CRB Colors

New Cool Racerbacks are arriving in the stores -Flush, Sprinkler, and Alarming. (This is from the Saskatoon store)

Newest Groove Pant Colors

SE Pillow Scubas in Sprinkler and Flush

A photo to illustrate tail effect I didn't care for when I tried on the Distance Tank.

A photo to show the rise on the Pace Setter crop. It doesn't hit this person particularly low. I'll try and find more photos of these crops.

Tomorrow's Upload - What Are You Looking For?

I'm kind of hoping we'll see the No Limit tanks in all three colors tomorrow. I read or someone wrote in that the Flush version feels stretchier like the Aruba. If it shows up, I might order all three or at least the Flush and Coal versions and return one.

I'm thinking the new Silver Luon Wunder Unders will show up tomorrow. I hoping they are making a silver luon version of the Gather and Crow since those are most like Boogie Crops. I also wouldn't mind a Silver Luon Groove Crop or maybe even Relaxed Fit Crop.

I'm thinking the Get Focused Tanks will show up tomorrow.

I know a lot of people are hoping some new CRBs are going to show up. The stores got some restocks in older colors like Static Charcoal but I hope the new Flush and Sprinkler show up.

I think the Pace Setter LS will also show up.

I don't know if the Pace Setter Pullover will show up. We know that it's in some strategic partner stores and have seen it on eBay but it hasn't arrived in any brick and motar stores as far as I know.

I think the Record Breaker vest will also show up.

Does anyone know how much the new Method Socks are? They have little grippers for classes like Bar Method. Bar Method sells their own socks for $6.

I bet the new Distance Tank will also show up. I didn't see the Lilac Snow version last night at the store - only Sprinkler and Flush.

I think the new Push UR Limits will also show up. I tried all three on last night. The Coal Strata Stripe definitely felt thicker than the other two. I liked it but it reminded me of my Heather Coal Wee Stripe Push so I decided I could live without it. I thought the Flush version felt extra stretchy and was not see through like Rubber Ducky. I was tempted to get it but decided to hold out for the Flush No Limit. They all had the adjustable hooks in the bra. I really wish they'd put adjustable hooks in the Power Y bra. That is the tank I find most binding in the bra.

I think the Solace and Flashback jackets will also show up.

I think the new Pace Setter crops and the Raw Blue Still Crops will show up tomorrow. I think the new Sprinkler Effortless tote and Ikat cross train cap will also show up.

Other than the No Limits and surprise Silver Luon items, I don't think I am looking for anything. What are you hoping for?

Try On Report - Pace Setter LS, Distance Tank, and Get Focued Tank + More

I tried on the new Pace Setter LS in black luon and really liked it. From the photos we've been seeing I was worried the arms might be a bit snug and the neckline fit odd but it fit fine and I thought it was a really nice shirt. I thought it fit very similar to the Resolution or Dash long sleeve shirts. I don't think the shoulders are overly roomy but since I have narrow shoulders it isn't a problem for me. I think this shirt is best suited for street wear or a warm layer for the gym because I think the open neck makes it a bit chilly to use outdoors in cooler weather. All in all, a nice long sleeve luon top.

I tried on the Distance tank and didn't care for it that much. The fit reminded me a lot of the Pep Tank - kind of loose fitting overall and very roomy in the shoulders. I have narrow shoulders so the straps wouldn't stay in place, just like they do in the Pep Tank. I didn't really care for the pleated panel in back - it hung down below the hem of the tank and looked like some sort of weird bird tail.

I tried on the Get Focused Tank and liked it a lot. It only goes to a size 10 and I found that the tank runs true to size. It's a very cute tank and the fit reminded me a lot of the Fouette tank. If you are in the market for a strappy tank with a loose fitting midsection you should check this out.

My sister tried on the Speed Skirt and Pace Setter skirts and ended up buying two black Speed Skirts to wear to the gym. She tried on the Ikat Speed skirt but the ikat material was stiffer than the black and it tended to puff up and not drape as nicely as the black material. She tried on the Pace Setter skirt, too, but they only had it in white in her size. I thought it looked equally nice on her as the Speed Skirt but she preferred the Speed Skirt since it only has one row of ruffles in the back.

My sister is training for a spring marathon and really likes Lululemon running bottoms. She has Inspires and Cross Train crops already. She tried on and ended up getting a pair of the new Pace Setter crops in solid black.  She is five feet nothing tall so they are more like tights on her although they are very long crops. I thought they looked really nice on her - I really liked the wide waistband. She also got a second pair of Inspire Crops tonight. The other items she got tonight were a couple of Power Ys, her favorite tank, in Sprinkler and Concord Grape and the new long sleeve Swiftly in Sprinkler. I also talked her into breaking out of her Power Y comfort zone and trying a Push UR Limits. The newest black ones come with the adjustable hooks which she liked. I restrained myself this evening since I am thinking of getting another No Limit in Flush or Sprinkler so I only got a Dance headband in solid black. All my other Dance headbands are two-tone. It's my favorite around-the-house headband.

I saw the new Record Breaker Vest. I didn't even bother to try it on. It seemed like a very ordinary vest and was something like $78. I prefer my vests to have a rear zip pocket for my cell phone otherwise I don't see the point of wearing a vest if you can't carry stuff in it.