Sunday, February 13, 2011

Side by Side Photos of the New Flush and Passion No Limit Tanks

Reader Christine was nice enough to send in some photos comparing her older Passion and new Flush No Limit tanks. She also modeled it for us. Thank you, Christine, and you're looking good!

The Passion No Limit is on the left of this photos - it is a redder orange and looks pinkish in this photo. The Flush is on the right.

Flush No Limit Tank

NEW Special Edition Cool Racerback - Scrunch with Sheer Luon?

This is from an Australian Product Alert email. It's a new special edition Cool Racerback and the web page is labeled "Scrunch." I'm not sure what is going on in the back but it looks like the back and maybe the entire bottom portion of the tank is made of sheer luon. I wish they provided a full length shot of the back but I think it has promise if part of the tank is made of sheer luon. It would be heaven for hot days and hot workouts. If an Aussie readers have seen this tank and can give us more details on what it looks like we'd be happy to hear.