Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Push UR Limits in Flush (Flesh) / Coal Strata Stripe

Reader Rose sent in a photo of a new Push UR Limits in Flush (Flesh) and Coal Strata Stripe. This was at a strategic partner store. I know my own stores haven't gotten new Push UR Limits in quite a while. The latest ones we got were the black microstripe and power purple microstripe. I think the Flush Push is kind of fun. Thanks, Rose!

NEW! Pure Balance Tank

Reader Eliza was kind enough to send in photos of the new Pure Balance tank. It's showing up in strategic partner stores but not the regular stores yet. It's made of regular luon. I like the thicker straps but I think this tank will show a lot of cleavage if you are busty. I am very curious to see this modeled on some educators.

The style reminds me of the Sequence Tank:

Sequence tank - made of luon top and circle mesh bottom - very cleavage-tastic!

Australian Heads Up

There is another Special Edition CRB on the way. This one has a sheer pleated back (I wonder if it will be made of sheer luon?) and will come in black and flush.  The email just said a sheer back so not sure if sheer luon or power mesh. They seem to be a on pleated sheer luon kick so I am thinking it could be the pleated sheer luon like on those wunder unders.

However, I wouldn't mind a CRB with a power mesh back. There was a woman in my spin class this morning with the Lolo mesh back CRB and it looked really nice on her. I envied her her cool back as I sweated away behind her.

There is a new straight leg pant coming called the Pure Strength Pant. It also comes in solid black.

  • This is the slim, straight leg you have been waiting that doesn't get in your way during your favourite standing pose
  • Medium rise, straight leg with a narrow hem that still fits over your sneakers
  • Made with luon® fabric - breathable, cotton-like feel, 4-way stretch providing support and allowing for freedom of movement
  • Hidden waistband pocket to secure $ & keys
  • Flat seamed for chafe resistance & comfort
  • Preshrunk

Today's Shopping Trip

I bought myself the Sprinkler Blue Scoop Neck tank. For some reason, this tank really appeals to me. I might wait to cut the tags off in case I want to trade it in for the Sprinkler/Ikat Push UR Limits but we'll see. I really like this tank. Sprinkler is a bit lighter than Wish Blue:

On the bottom is a Wish Blue Heart Tank and on the top is the Sprinkler Blue Scoop Neck. I think this photo makes the Sprinkler look a little lighter than it actually is but there is a real difference between the two colors. I held up the New Blue Dance Headband to the Sprinkler Scoop Neck and New Blue and Sprinkler are very close in color.

I saw Flush/Flesh and it is very orange. I held it up next to Passion and Passion is a redder orange whereas Flush is a true orange but not neon. I think it's a fun color.

I saw this waistband and the colors in the waistband are: Sprinkler, Flush, Aruba, Purple Crush, (not sure but not Oasis) and that new Snow Cone or LILS (lilac snow) - the pale lavender. I saw a bunch of Oasis headbands so I think that color might be coming back.

I got a product alert from the Newport Store that says they had the Get Fit short in but I didn't see it. The store is being remodeled so it kind of threw me off where I normally check for new stuff. I am bummed I didn't try those on.

I wanted to try on the new Coal Strata Stripe Speed Up tank but they didn't have it in my size. I tried the Aruba version on and it fits like I remember the Light Up tank fitting - very tight in the chest. If you are not busty, it won't be a problem but to me, the chest fit at least one size down (the band of the built in bra was TTS but the tank itself was small in the bust) and the tummy area fit true to size or loose.

I also saw the new Pure Balance Pant and Crop but didn't bother trying them on. I think you need very slender legs to pull those off and that doesn't describe me. The waistband did seem rather thick so I can see why some people are saying it gives them a muffin top. I also saw the new Raw Blue Still pants and was able to compare to a pair of Deep Navy. The Raw Blue are much blacker than Deep Navy. It's really hard to tell they are blue at all.

I saw Margarita headbands in the store. Margarita is very bright and I am wondering if an entire tank in this color will wash me out. However, I wouldn't mind an All Sport bra in this color to add a pop of color under a black tank.

The Outward Bound jacket was marked down to $138 at the Newport store.

NEW! Flesh SE Scuba Hoodie and Sprinkler Ikat Define

Photo of the special edition Scuba that turns into a pillow, in Flesh.

Photo of the Sprinkler / Ikat Define Jacket - Sprinkler looks a lot like Wish Blue in this photo.