Monday, February 7, 2011

More Pure Balance Pant and Crop Photos - Very Different So Why the Same Name?

Wren Denim Pure Balance Pant

It looks like the Pure Balance Pant and Crops are really two different animals. The waistbands are entirely different and so are the design elements at the leg opening.

Pure Balance Crop
Pure Balance Crop

Pure Balance Crop

Update - FYI: I am getting multiple reports from slender ladies that both the Pure Balance Pant and Crop run tight at the waist and give a nasty muffin top. I haven't seen many pictures of that, though, so maybe the educators are sizing up.

Back Again - Flashback Pullover Plus Raw Blue Relaxed Fit Pant + More

The Flashback Pullover is back. I know a lot of people like this hoodie but it's not one of my favorites on me. The pullover is shown with the Wren denim Pure Balance pant.

I like this one the best of the newest Cabin Long sleeve tops. However, I'm not into these stripes that much so I'll pass.

For some reason, I really love the solid blue Scoop Neck. It's shown with Relaxed Fit pants in  Raw Blue. Do you all love the Relaxed Fit pant? Every time I try them on I am underwhelmed.

Get Fit Short in Coal with Flesh Accents- I really want to try these shorts on

The Flesh Power Y looks very bright in this photo. I've read it described as an "electric" orange.

Sprinkler Blue Ikat - Headbands & Waistbands of Pants

Sprinkler Blue Ikat Print in the Untwisted Headband

Dance Headband in Sprinkler Blue and Ikat Print (shown with Spinkler Power Y and Pure Balance Pant)

The latest waistbands in all the bottoms

I thought I was done with the Ikat print after I bought the Ikat Define and Ikat CRB with matching Ikat Slipless headband. But that was the Concord Grape Ikat. Now Lulu brings out the Sprinkler Ikat. Grrr. However, the Sprinkler Ikat print is getting me psyched to try the Push UR Limits in Sprinkler Blue with Ikat print straps.

Long Sleeve Swiftlys Re-Stocked on US Side of Website!

Good news - Lululemon has restocked the US side of the website in long sleeve Swiftly tops in three colors - black, concord grape, and aruba/dark classic sport gray. The Canadian side has the black and aruba in all sizes but 12. (Thanks for the heads up, Reader LisaLuvsLulu!)

NEW! Sprinkler Stripe Cabin Long Sleeve, Ikat Speed Skirts, and More

New Cabin Long sleeve in Sprinkler and Gray. Why couldn't they reverse to solid sprinkler instead?

Sprinkler Blue Power Y and Sprinkler Ikat Speed Skirt. Sprinkler definitely looks lighter than Bold Blue and Wish Blue. I like it.

Flesh (Flush?) Power Y and Sprinkler Blue Speed Skirt (on right)

Photo of the Inside of the On Your Bum Bag

Coal Strata Stripe Wunder Unders - They look great on this woman

NEW ! Scoop Neck Tanks in Solid Sprinkler and Flesh/Coal Strata Stripe

I am liking the solid colored Scoop Neck Tank in Sprinkler Blue a lot! I know a lot of you prefer the solid colored Scoop Neck tanks and I think I've got to agree. I dug my solid Senorita Scoop out of the closet the other day to wear to spin and was surprised how cute it looked. I only have one and always reject the Scoop Necks when I try them on in the store but maybe that's because the solids look better on me. Looking forward to trying this one.

NEW! In Stride Jackets in Flesh and Coal Strata Stripe

New In Stride Jackets in Flesh (Flush?) and Coal Strata Stripe

NEW! Pure Balance Crop and Pants

This was identified as the Pure Balance Crop

Pure Balance Crop

Photos of the New Balance Crop and Pant we've been hearing about. One reader tried these on and said the narrow waistband in the pant gave her bad muffin top. They look like they are made of luon. Shown in the Flesh (Flush?) color. I'm not sure why the waistbands are so different between the pant and the crop. I'll post more photos when they appear.

 I forgot this photo of the Wren Denim Pure Balance Pant. As a reader noted before, the Pure Balance Pant looks a lot like the Energize Pant. The PB pant and crop look very different in the waistband and at the bottom. I will definitely try to find more photos of each to highlight the differences.

I like the Wren color a lot. I hope we will see this (not in denim, though) at least in Still pants, crops, and shorts. I'd love a tank in this color, too.

NEW! Coal Strata Stripe Speed Up Tank

New Speed Up Tank in the Coal Strata Stripe Print - interesting. Will there be a Push UR Limits in this pattern, too?

NEW! Sprinkler Blue In Stride Jacket and Astro Crops with the Blue Ikat Print

Sprinkler Blue In Stride Jacket. I'm not sure what crops she is wearing with the jacket. I think it may either be the new Get Fit Shorts or Astro Crops.

New Astro Crops shown with the Sprinkler Blue Ikat Print. The tank on top is the Concord Grape Ikat Print.

NEW! Get Fit Shorts

New Get Fit Short. They look like they are made of luon to me. I like the length and the wide waistband. I can live without the blue vertical stripes so hope there is a solid black version. She is wearing a Sprinkler Blue Power Y with them.