Saturday, February 5, 2011

OT- Ipod Nano Multi-Touch - Awesome For the Gym

Back in September I wrote that I wanted the new iPod Nano Multi-Touch for Christmas. My husband did get me one and I love it. I really like the small size, touch controls, and clip making an iPod pocket in my tanks and pants unnecessary. I really like the small size of this Nano and I usually clip it to my collar or strap on my tank. This Nano was definitely designed with gym goers/exercisers in mind. It has an FM tuner so you can tune in the TVs in your gym. It also has a pedometer but I haven't used that feature although my husband has. It also has a stopwatch and lap timer. I like the touch screen controls but sometimes I have make sure my fingers are dry to work it properly. I think the sound is a little more tinny than my iPhone but I found that is true of all the Nanos versus the Classic iPods. All in all, it's a great little iPod and if you are in the market you should check it out.

Celebs in Lululemon: Devon Aoki

2 Fast 2 Furious Actress Devon Aoki wearing Lululemon in Hollywood on Thursday. She is wearing the Ikat Willpower Pullover and Still Pants - both roomy choices for pregnant ladies.

Flush / Coal Strata Stripe Power Ys Now Arriving in the US

This is from a store in Texas. Flush looks very orangey in this photo but I think I like it. I wish it wasn't so hard to judge pinks and oranges from photos. The CSS Power Y looks really cute here, too.

Reader Photos - Thank You! Today: SE Hoodie

Many people have taken the time to send me photos to use on the blog and I want to make sure I post them all. I think everyone who reads this blog appreciates their fellow addicts who take the time to send in photos to help us keep current on the latest Lulu. I received some photos from reader Kari-Lyn who sent in pics of herself modeling the new SE Scuba Hoodie. She wrote to say that the hoodie looks much better in person and has received many compliments on it. I will admit the web photos of the hoodie made it look much cuter than the first photos we saw of it on FB and the black one is sold out in the US.

Reader Kari-Lyn her new hoodie - looking good!

Hints of Colors to Come

These photos are from a product notice from a California showroom. It's 2" headband in New Blue. I can't tell much difference between New Blue and Sprinkler.

Also from the same product notice, a Dance headband in New Blue and Haze.

Maybe this CRB is actually New Blue and not Sprinkler.

I cannot tell the difference between New Blue and Sprinkler. 

Hmmmm...I just looked through my product photo files and the only New Blue items were men's items. I am wondering if the store mislabeled the headbands and they really are Sprinkler Blue. I wouldn't be surprised.

Men's shorts in New Blue

More Sandra Bullock in Lululemon

Sandra Bullock in NYC, sporting more Lululemon as she heads to the gym. You can't see it in this picture but she is carrying her Effortless Tote, wearing a Speed Up Tank, Ambition Tights or Crops, and a Savasana Wrap. (Thanks for spotting this, Kate!)