Thursday, February 3, 2011

NEW! On Your Bum Bag and Photos of the Distance Tank

More photos from Australia - the On Your Bum Bag. Looks like a fanny pack with some giant zipper pulls. Clink, clink, clink....

The Distance Tank in Flush - looks a lot like Persimmon to me.

Back of the Distance Tank

I'm pretty sure this is a Sprinkler CRB.

Silver Luon Hot Class Tank Sold Out in US Already?

It looks like this tank is already sold out on the US side and sold out in size 10 on the Canadian side. I didn't think this would be such a fast seller in the US but I guess people like the all-black look or they really like silver luon and circle mesh, which is what hooked me. I took a trip down to my local store to see if I could try this tank on (because, of course, getting it tomorrow is just not good enough - I must know now how it will look - LOL). It turns out my local stores didn't get it. There is a black version of the regular Hot Class tank made of luxtreme and sheer luon. I tried the tank on to reacquaint myself with it and it is a very cute tank. I was spilling out a bit over the top (I am normally a 12 but sometimes can size down depending on the fit) so I'd say the tank runs TTS. The straps are definitely not strong enough to give support to busty women for even moderate activities so you'll have to layer. I am hoping the silver luon version has different straps and / or is cut a bit differently so I don't spill out. I'll know tomorrow.

I also tried on the Coal Strata Stripe CRB and Scoop Neck. I almost like the Scoop Neck better but I didn't get either. I am waiting for the new batch of No Limit tanks to show up later this month. Oh yeah, Irvine had some interesting items on the sale rack if you are in the area.

New Photo of the New Distance Tank in Flush

A much better photo where we can see the details on this new tank. This tank gets automatic points from me because it's made of luxtreme. I am always on the lookout for lightweight, wicking fabrics and luxtreme is one of my favorites. I like the front of this tank a lot - I like the shape of the neckline, I like the horizontal seam above the bust and I like the slimming vertical seams down the torso. I'm not such a fan of the back. I suspect the ruffled panel is power mesh and it's layered over luxtreme or circle mesh. I probably would have preferred a simple circle mesh panel with a little pocket at the bottom. I'll try it on but from these photos I am not lusting for it to arrive in America.

Product Details:

  • Go the distance in this mid-length, next-to-skin, shelfless tank!
  • Designed specifically to fit over your full support bra of choice
  • Lightweight, inherently wicking luxtreme™ fabric keeps you dry and comfortable
  • Wide straps are comfortable & won't dig into shoulders on a long run
  • Flat seamed for chafe resistance & comfort

Upload - Part II

Ok, I am tempted by the Oasis Wrap. Anyone have one from when they were out last time. Verdict?

Update: I like the idea of a cotton wrap but $78 is a lot and frankly, I am afraid of pilling (my Cabin LS is pilling a bit), fading and other quality issues that Lululemon has been having. I'd rather get a Hard Tail or Splendid wrap for the same amount.

Arghh, the Silverescent Hot Class tank is tempting me, too. Silver luon on top and circle mesh on the bottom. It reminds me of my sequence tank. I wonder if the straps are the same as the regular Hot Class tank or a little more substantial. I can't get a good look at it in the photo.

Update - All right, I order this Silverescent Hot Class tank. I love my silver luon Challenge tank (after they lowered the price to $58!) and I really like circle mesh and probably prefer it to sheer luon (sheer luon really highlights perspiration and I think circle mesh is a little more breathable and drapes better). I think the silver luon top will be more supportive than the power luxtreme in the regular Hot Class tank and I'm hoping the straps are more substantial. It should be here tomorrow afternoon and I'll post a fit review then. I'm not thrilled about paying $10 more but I really like the silver luon material - it's a bit thicker than regular luon but more breathable, hides flaws better, and is very supportive.

Oooh, the Urban Yogini Messenger bag is up - love the purple.

Today's Upload - Running Commentary

Passion Crops in Aruba and Purple Crush Uploaded. For some reason, they are online only. It seems weird because the black ones that were uploaded a couple of weeks ago sold out in days. Hmmm, I'm tempted to order but hate to commit to a color I don't have that much of.

Hot Class Tanks in Aruba and Purple Crush were uploaded. They look on the shorter side on the models. They are too low support for me so I will skip. Besides, I have my Power Dance tank which is kind of similar with a sheer luon bottom but better support for me.

 Ikat Scuba is Up. 

This is the funniest photo I've seen of the Ikat Scuba:

It kind of looks like something you'd see at a zoo - a pack (pride?) of snow leopards.

The Coal Strata Stripe CRB is up. I am going to restrain myself and wait for the new No Limit Tanks that are supposed to be coming the third week of February.

The Black long sleeve Swiftly is up. Get it while it's here, it'll most likely be sold out by the end of the day.

Cabin long sleeves are up - get it quick before they are gone.

The black hot class bras are on sale for $29. I don't think it's supportive enough for me, otherwise I'd get one.

Photo of Flush/Coal Strata Stripe Scoop Neck Tank

From Australia but soon to hit North America, Flush/Coal Strata Stripe Scoop Neck Tank (shown with matching CSS Wunder Unders)