Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pickin' on the Models Again

Is this Christine Day's son? I'm sure Lululemon has a bunch of really buff (sorry, dude) Ambassadors to pick from.

Here's a Beverly Hills Ambassador.

Here's the Zobha model. (He does look a little on the hungry side, though.)

Fit fitness professionals aren't that hard to find.  Here's one of my spin instructors:

She's 48, BTW.

Facebook Tease: On Line Only Products Tomorrow Morning

Lululemon just posted a notice on FB that there will be on-line only products tomorrow morning. What do you all speculate they will be?  I really don't have a clue.

Ok, it hit me when I was hanging up my Lulu to dry. It's the vintage/retro lulu items - Deep V and whatever else. That is what I'm betting.

Margarita Green Headband & Upload Thursday wishes

This is from an Australian product alert. It's the untwisted headband in Margarita Green.

I am thinking we'll see the Coal Strata Stripe Scoop Neck and CRB in tomorrow's upload. I'm sure we'll also see the Hot Class tank and shorts and maybe the other colors of the Cabin Long sleeve tops. Those silly ruffled Wunder Unders and CRB will probably show up, too.  I've backed away from getting the CSS CRB - I am thinking the horizontal stripes might not do me any favors. The CSS CRB has arrived in my local stores so I will try it on there. I am not looking for anything tomorrow but if a surprise tank design shows up or a cute new colored CRB - solid margarita? - I'd be happy.

Did anyone read the Facebook posts on pique In Strides fraying? It sounded like a lot of people were having problems. What a shame. Lululemon really needs to get a grip on quality (and change the black luon recipe back to the original).

What are you hoping to see tomorrow?

Celebs in Lululemon: Sandra Bullock

On Friday, Sandra Bullock was photographed in NYC in head to toe Lululemon, gym bag and all, heading to the gym:

Here she is on Monday sporting more Lululemon:

I don't recognize the sweatshirt but the crops look like Still Shorts or Clam Diggers, the bag is the Effortless Tote, and I can see the Coal Strata Stripe Flow Y peeping out from under a black tank.