Thursday, January 27, 2011

Is the Men's Clean Green Similar to Margarita?

This is a men's shirt in Clean Green. Is there any chance that the women's Margarita will be similar? I'm tired of greeny-yellows like Faded Zap and Alfalfa. It'll be fun to have a lighter green as long as it isn't too neon.

Australian Heads Up - Sprinkler Blue Swiftly

There will be a new Swiftly in Sprinkler Blue.

Just for comparison, here is a Swiftly from last year in Wish Blue. They look pretty close but this color blue is a nice one to have in your wardrobe.

The Australian PN also mentioned new Wunder Under Crops in Coal Strata Stripe. That ought to be wild.  My new must-have item is a Coal Strata Stripe CRB. I cannot wait until it hits the US. It has to be soon because the Flow Y is here already. I know there is a Power Y and a Scoop Neck in this pattern. I kind of hope there will be a Push UR Limits in this, too.

Today's Upload - What is Going Fast (or Gone Already)

Wow! The Ikat No Limit went really fast - it's sold out in the US.

I'm surprised that the Rubber Ducky Push is sold out in some sizes already. The Push UR Limits rarely sells out any sizes in the first day. I bet it's because people are dying for a color that isn't blue (Aruba) or purple (Purple Crush) or pink, black, or gray. Take a hint, Lululemon - start coming out with new colors like jade greens, browns, and ivy. That is why I got the Rubber Ducky. I don't have any yellow Lululemon in my closet. I had a couple of Macc N Cheese tops but I sold those. MACC is a pretty intense yellow so I am looking forward to this more muted shade.

The Distance Pullover is gone, too. I know a lot of people were waiting for this to show up. I hope you got one if you wanted one.

Where did those new Hustle tanks in Static Beachy Green and Static Purple Crush go? I know they were there when I left for the gym. They can't have sold out. I'm puzzled Lululemon is making so many of these. It's a design I really don't care for that much but I guess a lot of people do. I'd really like to see them develop more shell tanks that you can wear your own bra under.

 The Speed Skirts are all gone on the US side, too. OT - I saw a lady at the gym the other night with a Senorita Pink and Coal lululemon skirt, a Coal define jacket with a matching Static Coal and Senorita Pink Scoop Neck tank and she looked so cute.

I'm surprised the ear warmers are lasting this long. I thought the Senorita Pink ones sold out the first day they were uploaded.

Is Lululemon really taking tens of thousands of orders on upload Thursday? I think the order numbers go in sequential order and the difference in order numbers for my two orders 45 minutes apart is 21,200. It's a bit mind boggling.

Today's Upload - Lots of Goodies (And a Mini Rant About Failing Quality) (Updated)

The upload is still happening but I ordered the Aruba Brisk Run Ear Warmer for myself. It's so cute, how could I resist?

The Rubber Ducky Push UR Limits just showed up so I ordered that, too. This upload is taking a while but all the new stuff we've seen on Facebook and in the product alerts is showing up now. Must be the new colors are coming next week.

The Aruba and Ikat No Limits tanks showed up and the black was restocked. The Canadian side got these, too. I bought the Aruba last week and thought it ran stretchier than the Coal one. That doesn't mean you can size down necessarily but if you are a size 12 in Flow Y you might want to try the size 10 Aruba No Limit because it might work for you. I don't think I will get the Ikat No Limit at this time. I am going to wait until a second release of No Limit tanks and hope for a solid one in Sprinkler Blue or maybe Flush pink.

The Ikat CRB also showed up. I really like this tank and don't have a problem with it being made of mostly polyester. It looks very cute peeking out from under a black top.

 The Black Run: Distance Pullover in black showed up. I know the cold weather people will be glad to see this top. I like the restrained design.

The Ikat Willpower Pullover showed up. I really liked this when I tried it on. I don't really have a need for this in the warmer SoCal climate so can't justify paying $118 but if it goes on markdown I will consider it.

The Raw Blue Studio pants also showed up.  Just an FYI - the woman who writes the Lulumum blog posted a photo on Facebook of her brand new Raw Blue Studio pants unraveling:

She's only had these a week so there is no way it's due to wear and tear. The problem with failing quality seems to be getting worse not better. Last week they recalled the Concord Grape Distance Pullover and the week before they recalled the Purple Crush Speed Up Tanks for quality issues. Lululemon really needs to address these quality problems. They are getting very well known here in the US but when people plunk down $98 + tax for clothes they expect them to hold up. You may fool them once but you won't fool people twice. Lululemon built its reputation on quality and durability but the current management is squandering it away. It's incredibly disappointing. Unlike a lot of people, I'm not going to blame this on outsourcing. I have a lot of Lululemon items that are made in China or other countries from a couple of years ago that are well made but the newest batch of vendors is not up to par. Lululemon needs to hire some more QA people to keep on top of these vendors and bring the manufacturing standards back up to where they used to be. There is no excuse for this at all. I expect stuff like this to happen from junk I've bought at Walmart, not Lululemon. If you've had a problem with something you've bought, I urge you to complain to Lululemon long and hard. That is the only way things will change.

Lots of other goodies were uploaded - gray pique and reversible Wunder Under pants, the Endeavor Duffle, and lots more. What did you all order today?