Thursday, January 20, 2011

Aruba Scoop Neck Now in the US

Reader Tita was kind enough to send us a photo of herself modeling her new Aruba and Black Scoop Neck Tank. She bought it yesterday in San Francisco. I didn't see this in my local store the other day so it's good to know it'll be here soon. Thanks and looking good, Tita!

Australian Heads Up: Coal Strata Stripe CRB and Light Gray Pique Define

Reader, Sue, from Australia, wrote to tell us about a Coal Strata Stripe CRB. You can see it hanging next to the Flush/Coal Strata Stripe Stride on the wall. I am psyched about this tank and cannot wait until it makes it way to North America.

Hanging on the upper rack on the left you can see the new Heathered Purple Crush/Purple Crush Scoop Neck tank and the Coal Strata Stripe Scoop Neck Tank. You can also see the Heathered PC/PC Scoop Neck under the black Yogi Dance jacket on the mannequin on the shelf.

I'm not sure what the blue is in the Yogi Dance Jacket on the lower left side is but it's either Sprinkler or Iris. A reader points out this is probably the Coal/Haze Yogi Dance Jacket and I believe she is right.

Sue also mentioned there is a new Light Gray Pique in the Define jacket and the Camberwell store just posted a photo of this.

Today's Upload - Not As Big As I Thought

I think Lululemon is still uploading things but so far the Canadian side does not have the No Limit tank. Maybe it will show up a little later. Only two colors were uploaded, the Coal and the White. No Ikat version (so far) so my wallet is safe.

Some Ikat things were uploaded but not the Ikat CRB. On the US side, the Ikat Define jacket was uploaded to a size 14.  The size 14 Define is not real because you can't really order one. Yet another web error.

The Black Cabin Long sleeve was uploaded but no new colors. The new two-tone long sleeve swiftlys have not shown up yet.

The Movement jackets have shown up but not the new running pullovers.

Both new gym bags, the Effortless Tote and Endeavor Duffle, have shown up. I know quite a few people want the Ikat bag.

The new Run: Speed skirt have shown in both the regular and tall. Two new Scubas have shown up in Heathered Purple Crush and Heathered Beachy Green but the I think the Heathered Beachy Green photo is really that of solid Aruba so I would call before ordering this one.

No new Push UR Limits have shown up. It's weird because my stores didn't get the latest Passion and Snorkel microstripes either. I wonder if those will be a web-only tank.

I don't think I will be ordering anything today unless some surprises show up. What did you all order?

Larger Sizes in Lululemon - Define Jacket in a 14? (Update)

Wow! The latest Ikat Define is being offered in a 14! I can't remember if the Define ever came out in a 14 but I know the old Shape jacket did. However, I think the Shape ran a lot snugger than the Define. Some of the new Flow Ys are being offered in a 12 again - thank you, Lulu! I am glad to see Luluemon offering the larger sizes again. I'd really love it if the 50 Rep and All Sport bras went up to a 14.

OK, I think the size 14 Define is an error because I can't actually order one. Hmm, I thought Luluemon was going to have a new and improved website after the New Year. There is some interesting commentary by Road Wariorette about Lululemon's website in this Yoga Dork post about Athleta opening a store in San Francisco.

One thing I am puzzled about is that the No Limit on the website only goes up to a 10. My local stores only had it to a 10 also. Several people have written they have bought this tank in a 12 so I am not getting the disconnect. If you regularly take a size 12 and can't find a size 12 No Limit, I think the Aruba is a bit stretchier than the other colors so you might want to try that one.