Monday, January 17, 2011

More Photos - Black Willpower Pullover, No Limits, Cabin Long Sleeve is Back

Here is a photo of the new Run: Willpower Pullover in Black. I don't have a photo of the front.

Three of the new No Limits colors. I don't think I have seen the black/Ikat version and the White/Pique one featured in photos from a US store. So far, it seems the US has received the Aruba, solid black, and Coal/Purple Crush.

The Cabin Long Sleeve has been re-stocked. I think this just may be in Canadian stores, though. I don't think any US stores have posted they received these.

More New Stuff - Ikat Headband, Aruba No Limit, Live Healthy Wrap, and More

A good photo of the solid Aruba No Limit. This tank looks great on tall ladies.

 I just noticed this woman had an Ikat print headband on. I wonder what kind it is - Untwisted or an ear warmer style.

Ambition Crops in Concord Grape

Live Healthy Wrap

The Effortless Tote (on left) and Effortless Duffle (left) dwarf this woman. She must be really petite or it is one of those optical illusion photos.  ;-)

NEW! The latest Push UR Limits, Swiftly Long Sleeve, and Power Ys

The latest batch of Push UR Limits in Purple Crush/Coal, Rubber Ducky/Static Coal/Coal, and Aruba. I'm not sure if I like the Rubber Ducky one that much after all. It would look better paired with coal bottoms but I hardly ever wear coal bottoms.

Rubber Ducky Power Y

Love this print!!! (Is this the Waterwall print?)

Don't quote me on this, it may be a random thing - An educator told one of the readers that the No Limit came in a Coal/Purple Crush floral print. However, the Coal/PC No Limits we have seen so far don't have a floral print. I am hoping she was a little mixed up and there is another tank coming out in a floral print and I am thinking (hoping) this might be the floral print. Anyway, I'll keep my ears and eyes peeled for more info about a floral print tank.

Live Healthy Wraps in Concord, Off White (don't know the name), and Black

New Long Sleeve Swiftly Techs in Aruba/Dark Classic Sport Gray and Black

Not sure if I like the black that much from these photos. I'll have to see it in person. I have a photo of a black Swiftly tank from last summer and I much prefer the darker black but these tanks were made in Israel and not by the new Sri Lankan vendor.

Run Distance Pullover in White

The Run: Distance Pullover also comes in white.

I think this might be a new earwarmer type headband but I think I must have it. I don't care if it's in the 80s here today, it's too pretty.  ;-)

NEW! Concord Grape Lulu Pant II and Movement Jacket

The Lulu Pant II is coming in Concord Grape. You can see all the colors of the new Movement Jacket hanging on the wall.

NEW! Purple Crush Push UR Limits

I've been reaching for my Push UR Limits tanks a lot lately and wouldn't mind getting another one. This is Purple Crush and Coal. I may have to try this one on because Purple Crush is very pretty. There is also a Rubber Ducky Yellow. I wonder if there will be a problem with the Purple Crush Push because the Purple Crush Speed Up tank were recalled and taken off the website twp days after they were uploaded for color variation problems. I'm not sure exactly what that means but some said it's because the color varied from tank to tank. I don't think that would be a sufficient reason for a recall. Usually the clothes are recalled for bleeding issues so I am assuming that is more likely the issue. I know a reader mentioned the new Lively Crewneck tank in Concord had a very blotchy dye job so that is what I'm thinking when Lulu says color variation. I'll have to ask at the store when I see these.

NEW: Live Healthy Wrap

This is the same bamboo/cashmere blend luluemon has been using in their wraps lately. I assume the price is somewhere around $118 like the Express Yourself Wrap. I'm not a big one for these knit wraps. I know I'd snag it. I'd much prefer one from french terry or cotton.

NEW! Run: Willpower Pullover

There is a new windbreaker type running pullover, the Willpower Pullover. I like the design but not the Ikat version. However, if you are running and want to make sure people see you, that might be the one to get.

I really like the look of this pullover. I wonder how insanely high it's priced. As soon as I find out I'll post. Readers report the price is at a relatively reasonable $118. OTOH, the Ikat version is crazy:

NEW! No Limits Tanks - White with Gray Pique, Black with Ikat Print, Coal/Purple Crush

Here are some of the first photos of the new No Limits Tanks hitting Canadian stores:

There is a new No Limits in Gray Pique and White.

I like the look of the Ikat No Limits from the front with a little of the bra peeping out.

 The Coal/Purple Crush No Limits is cute, too.

Has anyone seen these in a US Lululemon store? All the Facebook photos are from Canadian stores.

NEW! Run Distance Pullover

Quite a few new things were posted today. This is the Run: Distance Pullover. IMO, this is probably the best looking pullover released in the fall/winter season - it's not overdone with stripes, stitching, and colorblocking. It reminds me of the Hills Pullover. The Lulumum blog is reporting this is made of tech fleece. The material is similar to that used in the Alpine tights - burshed tech fleece on the inside and smooth outside.  I don't have a price but I'd assume it's $99-$109.