Thursday, January 13, 2011

Photos of the Newest Stuff Put Together in Cute Outfits

This woman is a Salsa teacher and she is rockin the Ikat print.

She also rocks the black Pique In Stride Jacket. She is wearing the Dip Dye Modern Racer Underneath.

The Savasana Wrap looks totally cute in this outfit. Love her boots!

The Concord Grape In Stride Jacket looks so light in this photo. She is also wearing the Repetition pant. I'm not sure what tank she has on underneath but it is in Purple Crush.

I love the coordination of all the Beachy Green items in this photo - the Beachy Green Cool Racerback, the Heathered Beachy Green Scuba, and the Aruba Repetition Crops.

A reader writes she has seen the new No Limits tanks in her local yoga studio so check the local Lulu strategic partner studios in your area for them. She said the store told her they expect the No Limit in on Friday or Monday. This was the Irvine, CA store so I'd expect them to show up in Santa Monica and northern CA earlier. Hmmm. Anyway, arrival of the No Limit to the US is imminent. I wonder when the Ikat version will hit.

Photos of the newest stuff - Speed Up Tank, Aruba Flow Y/ Grooves, and More

You can't really tell when the Speed Up tank is on a person, but it has an elasticized bottom that is sticky on the back side to keep from riding up. I wish more tanks had this feature.

Cute photo of the Flow Y in Aruba paired with matching Aruba/Beachy Green Groove pants.

Photo showing the detail on the Repetition Pants

NEW! Run: Inspire Tight

Lululemon has made a new running tight - the Inspire Tight. They look pretty cute, especially paired with a matching CRB. I'll post more photos when I get them.

Here is the product alert photo and information for the Inspire Tight.

  • These tights support your muscles & reduces bounce
  • Power luxtreme™ feels silky smooth, and is light weight with high LYCRA® content, & inherent wicking
  • Designed to inspire you to get into your running shoes and tackle that long run!
  • Continuous drawcord that won't come out in the wash
  • Secure pocket on back waistband & 2 gel pockets on the front
  • Flat seamed for chafe resistance & comfort

Ikat Wunder Unders - Wild!

The Ikat Wonder Unders are pretty wild but will work on the right person and probably look best with a black top. I could never pull them off but I like that Lululemon is bringing out bottoms in fun colors and patterns. IMO, work out wear should be fun.

More on the In Stride Jacket - Definitely a Close Cousin to the Origami and She Bop Jackets

It almost looks like the model has two different sizes on in this Jacket. The Coal version looks quite a bit shorter on her than the black one.

The In Stride reminds me a lot of my old Origami Jackets that were out about three years ago. I used to have the Ivory version, show above, and a Rapsberry one. I sold both because I didn't care for how boxy they were. Also, I stressed out too much about keeping the Ivory one clean. However, I am going to give it a try again.

Other people have said the In Stride reminds them of the She Bop Jacket. I really don't remember when this one was out - was it before or after the Origami? It looks very similar to the In Stride and She Bop. I'd say all three were triplets.

Today's Upload - A Few Goodies

I went ahead and ordered the Black Pique In Stride. Everyone who has tried it on has loved it and I'm feeling too lazy to drive down to the store. If I don't love it I can always take it back but I know this is going to sell fast.

I think the model looks a little squished up top in this tank. When I tried on the Light Up tank this past summer, I liked the tank but it squished my boobs. I think the price should be a bit lower, too, since they removed the reflective tape on the tank.

A reader on Facebook pointed out this photo. It's a very unusual way to photograph underwear. I call it, "the I've just got done boinking the photographer, time to get dressed" look.  ;-)

I was secretly hoping the Ikat No Limit tank would show up today but according to one reader it will be here by the end of January. What did you all order today?