Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Reflective Groove - West Coast Wave Reflective

I've been seeing notices for a new (I think) Reflective Groove pant called West Coast Waves but it always showed an older reflective print. The product alerts have finally linked the right photo. These look kind of interesting but I would love to see the real web photo because this one has distortion and it's hard to tell what it really looks like. I'm thinking I like it, though.

Celebs in .... Lucy?!?!? Oh, and Lululemon - Reese Witherspoon

I have lots of photos of Reese Witherspoon wearing Lululemon so I know she is a big fan. However, this photo was disconcerting...

I could only spot the orange Lucy logos, but a little perseverance yielded forth this shot...

You can see the Lulu logo on the pants through the back of her shirt. Reese is a major Wunder Under fan. I think in every photo I have of her she is wearing Lululemon Wunder Unders. Phew, the universe is right again.

Photos of New Stuff - Heathered Beachy Green Scuba, Rubber Ducky CRB and More

Heathered Purple Crush and Heathered Beachy Green Scuba Hoodies

I am liking both of these Hoodies a lot. My preference is for the Purple Crush but I have to get out of my purple rut. Both are super cute.

Close Up of Heathered Beachy Green

All the new CRB colors - Rubber Ducky yellow, Concord Grape, Aruba, Purple Crush, and Beachy Green
All the latest Groove Pant Bands - Concord Grape/Ikat, Heathered Purple Crush/Purple Crush, Quilted Ray Ikat, and Beachy Green/Aruba

All the flavors of Reverse Groove Shorts

Speed Up Tank in Aruba

When the Light Up tank came out it was $68 and the price was jacked up because of the reflective tape they put on the straps and bra of the tank. Well, now Lululemon has removed the reflective tape, renamed the tank to Speed Up, and kept the price the same. WTH? It's an OK tank but not worth $10 more than the more expensive tanks Lululemon makes. Boo.

You Called It!!! - No Limit Tank in Black with Ikat Bra Coming Soon!!!

Earlier this week one of the readers speculated that a No Limit tank will come out with a Concord Grape Ikat bra and her prediction has come true! I just got an Australian product alert that there will be a Black No Limit with the Ikat Flow Y underneath. I cannot wait to see it!!! (Ooh, the product alert also listed the sizes as 2-12 but those are often inaccurate).

Tomorrow's Upload - What Are You Hoping For?

I think there is a good chance we will see all the Ikat things that have hit the stores this week and the new Repetition Crops and Repetition Pants.  I would also think the new In Stride Jackets will show up, too. Maybe I will order the black pique In Stride Jacket. It is super comfy after all. Hmmm.... Otherwise, I don't know if there is anything in particular I am lusting for. Maybe a Rubby Ducky yellow CRB.  I wonder if we will see the new Speed Up tank because that is starting to hit stores, too.

Speed Up Tank in White/Coal Strata Stripe
What are you hoping to see tomorrow?

Photos of New Stuff - Heathered Purple Crush Scuba, New Hair Ties, Printed Align Mat

Heathered Purple Crush Scuba

The new hair ties in real life. They look a lot bigger than the old ones which I think was a criticism of those who had thick hair. I think one might also be included in the new Retro Groove Gym bag. Look on the zipper in the photo below - there is an Aruba one:

Inside of Retro Groove Gym Bag - Showing the new hair tie on the zipper

Lively Crewneck Tees - the sleeves don't look overly long to me

I'm thinking of taking up yoga and am loving the printed Align mat. I know that is not what is supposed to concern you in a yoga mat but it's so cute.   ;-)

Repetition Pant in Coal - I like the Repetition crops so much better. This almost looks like mummy wrappings.

Hot Class Bra Deal

The Hot Class bra in black is $29 on the Lululemon website. Look in the regular bra section and not the We Made Too Much. The photo is of a Tang Lite one but when you click it will change to the black one. The Canadian website shows the price as $42 but once you click and put it in your bag the price changes to $29. It is a final sale item.

Speaking of bras, anyone know why the US is not getting the Boobs on a Wire under wire bra? It's been out for months and the US still hasn't gotten it. I can't imagine why Lulu wouldn't sell it here.

More Photos of Items in the Ikat Print - Define, CRB, Flow Y, Grooves

Layering the Ikat CRB under the Ikat Define doesn't look as bad as I thought it would . I thought it would be Ikat print overload but it looks kind of cute. It's definitely an eye-catching outfit. The Define also looks best paired with black pants.

Ikat Flow Y Bra with Ikat/Concord Grape Groove bottoms.

My local store got the latest batch of Cool Racerback Tanks and the black Pique In Stride Jacket in. I'm not sure if I'll go down to look at them quite yet. I hope we see more tanks in the new colors. I like Cool Racerbacks but they are not my first choice for spin class because I find them a little warm. I know the pique In Stride is going to sell out fast but I'm not sure if I want it. My real jacket love is the Define. I am thinking I would like a Concord Grape Define.

Photos of the Newest Things - Lively Tee, In Stride, CRB, and More

I got a lot of product alert emails today and I think we might see the Ikat stuff, In Stride Jacket, Lively Crewneck Tee, Flow Y, Rays Quilt and Bone Quilt Groove pants/crops in the upload on Thursday. Here are a few photos of the newest things:

CRB in Concord Grape
CRB in Purple Crush

Cool Racerback Tank in Concord Grape with a Purple Crush Flow Y underneath and a CRB in Purple Crush. The Cool Racerback is also coming in Rubber Ducky Yellow, Aruba, and Beachy Green. I think I would like a Rubber Ducky yellow CRB. I'd love to see a comparison of Very Violet and Purple Crush because they look pretty similar from these photos.

The In Stride Jacket in Concord Grape. This also comes in Coal and Black Pique Luon.

The Repetition Crop in Aruba

It looks like the Speed It Up tank has hit North America. Unless they loosened up how the chest fit, I'm not going to get this one. As I remember it, the Light It Up tank fit tight in the chest and I was spilling out of it. 

The last photo shows the details of the sticky rubber edging used along the hem to keep the tank from riding up. I wish Lululemon would add that to all their luxtreme tanks and the silver luon tank. When I wear luxtreme crops with luxtreme tanks and my silver luon Challenge tank, they ride up horribly.

Ikat Define

Lively Crewneck Tee in Concord Grape

I really like the fit and feel of this tee. It was a loose fit - probably 1/2 - 1 size too large. The material also felt more like a technical tee than cotton, at least in the Ikat print. However, I really wish Lululemon would make more long sleeve tees during the colder months. I don't wear short sleeve tees now.

It looks like Luluemon is changing the style of their hair ties. I don't think these will nearly as cute hanging from your zipper as the old style.

Oh yes, one of my product alerts said they had new Still pants in Deep Navy. I wonder if they will release some other Deep Navy pants like Grooves and crops.