Sunday, January 9, 2011

Concord Grape - Comparison to Lolo and Majestic (and Bruise)

Concord Grape Scoop Neck

Lolo Scoop Neck

Majestic CRB

This is a totally unfair comparison since all three photos were taken under different lighting circumstances but I think the Concord Grape looks a little bluer than Lolo but not as blue as Majestic. I don't have any Lolo tanks so I could be in the market for something in Concord, provided I liked the design. I think I might want a Concord Define, if they come out with one, to wear with my new Ikat CRB. I have lots of other purple tanks that I could also wear with it. People are posting they've seen a Black Define with Ikat print accents which sounds totally wild but I don't want a jacket tied to one tank. The Ikat is such a memorable print I can't really see myself getting multiple tanks featuring it like I did with the Heathered Coal Wee Stripe. I may change my mind, but a little Ikat goes a long way.

There is also one more purple, called Bruise, that was out the same time a lot of the other colors we're seeing this spring so maybe they renamed it, too: