Saturday, January 8, 2011

NEW! Effortless Tote, Photos of Ikat Scoop Neck, In Stride and More

Photo of the Concord Grape Scoop Neck with Concord Grape Ikat Print - Very bold and totally wild.

In Stride Jacket - I think this is the new color, Flush (or is it Flash, the color code was FLSH), with the coal Strata Stripe Pattern we have been reading about. A tank in the stripe will be interesting and I am very curious to see Flush in person. It  looks a lot like Persimmon in this photo but the the pinks and oranges come out so differently in photos depending on the light.

New Effortless Tote

 Also, it looks like the Hot Class Bra may be re-released. I'm not sure if this is a new color combo or they sent Australia some older stock.

These photos are all from an Australian store so not here yet.

Is the Print Drought Over? Also, Concord Grape vs. Majestic.

Two prints in a row from Lululemon. Is the print drought over? We can only hope.  The educator I was talking to today seemed to think the new Unicorn's Tears print we've spotted in the underwear will also be used in tanks so maybe the drought is over. I don't think these newest prints are as pretty as some we've seen in the past but I don't think these are necessarily that bad. I like prints because they are fun, they camouflage perspiration stains, headlights, and poochy mommy tummies.

Unicorn Tears Print in the Hotshort

Some people were speculating that the new Concord Grape color was similar to Majestic. I laid my new Ikat CRB on top of a pair of Lolo/Power Purple Groove shorts and my Majestic CRB. Majestic, on the right side, is the bluer, dark purple. From the little bits in the Ikat print, I think Concord Grape looks more similar to Lolo Purple but we'll have to see what an entire top in Concord Grape looks like.

Photos - Resolution Jacket in White

The new Resolution Jacket I tried on yesterday also comes in white. I like the front of this jacket a lot. I thought it fit TTS through the shoulders and upper arms (maybe a tiny bit snug if you are going to layer it over something thick). The length came to about crotch height on me. However, I don't care for the droopy back. I will keep an eye out for this to hit the markdown rack. It's not awful just not perfect enough for me to pay $148 for it.

NEW! Repetition Crop and Lively Crewneck Tee

The new crops I told you about weren't called Resolution Crops, they are the Repetition Crops. I took a photo of the bottom of the crop for you. The bottom color bands are made from power mesh. There is also a solid black version with all black at the bottom. It went up to a size 10 at my store. The waistband was not as wide as the Wunder Under Crops but more like the Hustle Crop. The inside of the Concord Grape verion had the Ikat print.

Here is the tag:

This is the Lively Crewneck tee in the Ikat Print. The neck is slightly open and the fit is loose. I'd say it runs nearly a size large. You can probably safely size down in this for a more body hugging fit.

NEW! Ikat CRB!!!

It does exist!!! I am going to the store this morning. I hope they have my size.