Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Rumor - No Limit is Coming Back Soon!

Reader Alex has inside info and tells us that the No Limits tank will be coming back this month in Snorkel, Passion, and Faded Zap. The above photo is of the all-Passion version that came out last year but we are not sure if the new ones will be black or coal on the outside with a colored Flow Y underneath or solid-colored like the the photo. I hope another solid Passion version comes out again. I passed this one up last time and regret it.

The No Limits first came out as a limited release back in September of 2009 and I was lucky enough to get one. The first release was all black with a black Embossed Manifesto print Flow Y bra underneath and went all the way to size twelve. The subsequent wide release was in the Spring of 2010 and only went to a ten. I hope the newest release will be back up to a twelve but I am not holding my breath. Anyhow, this is a super comfortable, cool tank. When the temps hit the 100s around here in the summer this is the tank I always reach for because it's so cool and unrestrictive.  Unlike the Flow N Go, this tank doesn't really expose that much skin yet it feels like you are only wearing a sports bra. It's a super cute tank and well worth giving it a try if you don't already have one. Be ready with your credit card when it comes out again.

The No Limits was also used in an episode of Hellcats (when does this show come back out of hiatus?):

All Four of the New Hustle Colors - Wish, Multi, Black, and Coal Stripes

This is a washed out photo but it give you an idea of all of the new Hustle jacket colors - clockwise from top left: Wish Blue, Multi, Coal, and Black

Brightly Lit Photo of Multi Poncho Stripe Hustle Jacket and Retro Groove Gym Bag

NEW! Organic Grooves with Waterwall Print and Hints on Upcoming Colors

Organic Groove Pants in Static Dark Gray with Waterwall Print

Product Alert Photo of the Wish Blue Poncho Stripe Hustle

They really need to fix the lighting in some of these photos. There are too many shadows on the jacket and I can't see the details of the pattern at all. Good thing for Facebook photos. I've been trying to check out the men's Run: Response short and I hate this photo - it's way too dark and faraway.

In a couple of my product alerts there were some new Dance Headband colors which gave hints of what to expect in the palette: Rubber Ducky - which I expect is a yellow similar to Mac N Cheese, Coal Denim, and Aruba which we already know about. I assume they will pair Rubber Ducky with Raw Blue.