Monday, January 3, 2011

Celebs in Lululemon: Reese Witherspoon and Fiance Jim Toth

Reese Witherspoon and her fiance were both decked out in Lululemon to go jogging in Santa Monica on December 31. It's always fun to spot men wearing Lulu - invariably there is a woman behind them who introduced them to the brand. My husband finally admitted he likes their shorts and has been trying to buy them off eBay. He hates to pay a lot for his clothes and refuses to spend $64 on shorts. I've had a hard time finding them for him on the markdown rack lately in his size and in colors other than squash orange (I'm sorry, electric carrot), purple, and pink.

He is wearing the Run: Response Shorts and she is wearing Wunder Under Crops and an old Shape Jacket (I think).

NEW! Photo of the Wish Blue Stripe Hustle Jacket

It's hard to tell but the Wish Blue Hustle jacket looks like it doesn't have the purple stripes in it like the Scuba version.

The Hustle is much darker with lots more gray and black than the Scuba. Interesting. I think I am definitely liking the MUPS Hustle best. 

There is also a black poncho stripe version of the Hustle so as soon as I find a photo I will post it.

NEW! Gray Stripe Hustle Jacket, Light Gray Pique Wunder Under Crops and More

I got a product alert for light gray Pique Wunder Under Crops. Mmmm, so cozy!

Coal Stripe Hustle Jacket - I think I like the MUPS and Wish version best

Snorkel Blue Dip Dye Modern Racer Tank - these are made of cotton, not luon/luxtreme

I think this is a Power Purple microstripe Scuba. I don't really like the microstripe Scubas but this one mutes Power Purple in a nice way and is pretty.

More of the new Retro Groove Gym Bag - Coal. Aruba

NEW! Multi Poncho Stripe Hustle Jacket, Dip Dye Modern Racer, Retro Groove Gym Bag

First Photo of the new MUPS Hustle - Very nice! (Behind her in the window is the Wish Blue version)

Dip Dye Modern Racer (over her shoulder might be the blue striped Hustle Jacket)

New Retro Groove Bag - $98