Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hustle Jackets Coming in the Poncho Stripe Patterns

A reader reports that the Hustle Jackets are coming in the three Poncho Striped pattern to match the shorts in the above photos. There will be the gray, the multi, and blue poncho striped Hustle Jackets. Fun!  I love my Wish Blue Poncho Stripe Scuba. It seems like there might be tanks similar to these patterns also as I posted and we saw in this photo:

Pics of the Newest and Upcoming Stuff

Happy New Year, everybody! Get ready to face the crowds in the gym with all the New Year's resolutionists. Here are a some pictures of the latest stuff and a few hints of things to come from Australia. I'm not 100% positive since it was unlabled, but the above photo sure looks like a Scoop Neck in Passion/Passion microstripe.

Also, Australian reader, Sam, points on the latest colors in the CRB in this photo:

This photo is blurry, but if you look to the CRBs hanging on the right you can see them in Aruba or Toothpaste and what looks like a dark blue color - Indigo India Ink. If I spot better photos, I'll post them.

I really like the new Faded Zap Swiftly tee -  very bright and upbeat - but this is the new batch now made in Sri Lanka. I am wary of paying full price for it only to find out I don't like it. The lines of silver are also visible when you see it in person which is a pet peeve of mine.

Power Y in Microstripe Passion

Electric! Faded Zap Define Jacket

A woman posted these Sailor Stripe Still Pants on Facebook the other day. They came in one of her product alert emails. There was a lot of oooing and ahhing but I'll be honest, changing the waistband of the Still Pants does nothing for me. I wear tops that cover the waistband so these will still look like black pants for all intents and purposes. I'd really like Lululemon to offer more colors in the Still Pant itself. I'd be interested in seeing the new Raw Blue in the Still. I'd also love for Branch to come back. I kick myself for selling mine years ago but who knew it'd be years before we saw browns again? I wouldn't mind some greens and other shades of gray, too.