Friday, December 16, 2011

Wunder Under Photos

lululemon wunder under crops
Plum, Paris, and Deep Camo Wunder Unders
lululemon deep camo wunder under crops
Wunder Unders in Deep Camo
lululemon pigment blue wunder under pants

lululemon paris wunder under crops

lululemon tinted canvas print cool racerback tank plum wunder under crops
Love how this looks together
Some stores got Wunder Unders in Deep Camo. I know some of you wanted more natural colors in the WUs so I'm glad Deep Camo showed up.


Cari H said...

Does anyone have any info in which stores got deep camo WU's? I was at the Irvine, CA store yesterday and they did not have them.

AmyB said...

I would love some WU's in a true dark navy or a chocolate brown.

Anonymous said...

Pink is a bit much... I think i saw them on a Katy Perry video.

LuluAddict said...

@ cari H - call the GEC to see what stores have them. They can check their computer. It's so much easier than calling to individual stores.