Monday, December 12, 2011

The Latest - Macro Micro Power Y, Paris Hot N Sweaty Bra, and More

My local store just posted this - the new Black Macro Micro Stripe Power Y. I didn't think I needed this since I already have the CRB in this print but this girl makes the Power Y look pretty cute. Dang!

A new Hot N Sweaty bra in Paris Pink is also arriving at US Stores.

A great photo of the three new colored Wunder Unders - Pigment Blue, Plum, and Paris. The Pigment reverse to black but the other two "reverse" to their own color. Kind of how WUs already reverse.


Anonymous said...

I saw these three colors in the crops online about an hour ago!

screenshop said...

Ha Ha your comment about how the plum and paris WUs 'reverse' to their own color! Why does lulu call everything reversible these days?!

Anonymous said...

I was the anon who predicted that yesterday...although I was half-joking. Seriously don't understand how they can call a same color WU "reversible". How about CRBs - many of us like to wear them inside out, so then lulu decided to put their logo on the opposite side (more advertising for them) and call it reversible. Ha!

Anonymous said...

this girl should officially model for lulu! she makes the clothes look great.