Monday, November 7, 2011

Tomorrow's Upload??

So, if the rumors are true and there is an upload tomorrow, and, if, by some miracle, the Don't Hurry Be Happy Pullovers are restocked, then I might order the black one and claim it as my Christmas present in advance. I like my Ghost DHBH pullover so much that I'd order another one. It's been chilly here lately so I was able to wear this twice over the weekend and had to wash it last night. I have this Bumble and Bumble Dry Shampoo that I like to use between shampoos. It's colored and came off on my Ghost DHBH when I put it on. It came out with the wash but I totally forgot about trying to be careful when I was putting on the pullover.

I don't know whether I'd order the Turn Around LS tops or wait for them to show up at my local store but I think I would like one of these tops. I might talk myself out of it seeing as I bought two very similar tops - the Full Tilt Pullover and a pique Define jacket - but we'll see.

I'm sure the Hang Loose pants will make awesomely comfy lounge pants but I can't spend $108 on something like that when there are so many other goodies being released this month.

Only the Canadian side of the website got the Apres Pullover so hopefully the US will get it this week. I prefer the DHBH but I know many people like the more figure-skimming Apres.

I know lots of people have the Run: For It Fleece Pullover on their wish lists. It's just hitting stores in the US so I don't know if it will show up tomorrow.

Not sure if people are loving the off-white Gratitude Wrap or not. I think there have been so many other goodies released that people are having to take a hard look at their true wants and needs.
There is quite a bit of buzz about the new Off The Mat jacket even at $178. I don't know if it's too new to be uploaded, I almost suspect that's the case with items that I've posted today, but I think it will show up on the website at some point.

What are you hoping for?


Josie said...

I'm hoping for the Elevation Space Dye Flow Y!

Anonymous said...

I'm still waiting for the Elevation Space Dye Scoop Neck and the Currant Define! Hurry up already! I'm dying out here in the middle of nowhere!!!!

Anonymous said...

I tried on the apres yesterday and found it surprisingly flattering. The neckline always looked ugly and awkward to me in photos, but actually if you pull it forward it drapes like a scoop neck and looks very nice that way. I thought it fit TTS and was very comfortable. I didn't get it only because I bought the live simply instead (charcoal one - gorgeous btw).

Anna said...

Has anyone spotted a currant CRB in a US store yet, or think it might be uploaded soon? I need one!!!

Anonymous said...

ESD SCOOP NECK!!!! I hope, I hope, I hope!!

Anonymous said...

I saw the apres pullover in store in black swan and the color on fleece is really ugly in my opinion. Hate the heathered sleeves. I'll wait for a more attractive pullover.

Anonymous said...

I bought the Off the Mat jacket. It has a very Eastern European look and flare to it. So far black has been the only color available but I wouldn't buy this jacket in anything but a neutral as it would tend to cheapen the look. Absolutely love it. Fits true to size.

Katie said...

If they do upload the DHBH in black get it!! I too have the ghost and love it so much I ordered the black. It arrived yesterday and I like the 2-tone of it WAY more than I expected!! I fear that 2 $100 fleeces are being kept here at this house. :-/