Monday, November 7, 2011

Photos: Turn Around LS, Rehearsal LS, Heathered White GW, and More

Persian Purple striped Run: Turn Around LS and new Plum Pique Define (shown with what looks like the Heathered Smokey Rose CRB underneath).

More photos of the Persian Purple stripe Turn Around LS. The tag says its made of running luon (rulu) but people who tried it on says it's thicker and feels more like pique. This top is reversible and $78.

Run: Turn Around LS shown with Chasses Tights

Currant Swiftly with Make Davie Run Crazy Pacesetter Skirt and Turn ARound LS in Ghost/Gray Stripe and Elevation Space Dye shorts.
Two more colors in the Run: Turn Around LS. In the bottom photo is a new Pacesetter Skirt in Currant/Make Davie Run Crazy Print and new shorts in the Coal Elevation Space Dye print.

More photos of the Rehearsal LS and Chasse Tights.

Photos of the new Heathered Black Swan Cool Racerback Tank. It looks a lot more gray than purple in the photos and people have confirmed that is also how it looks in real life. That is good because now I can take it off my wish list.

Photos of the new colors in the Still Groovy Gym Bag.

Another photo of the Currant Bandana edged with the Make Davie Run Crazy print.

It almost seems anti-climatic after all the goodies that have been coming out but a Heathered White Gratitude Wrap has hit Canadian stores. Everything I am reading says that US stores are not going to get Gratitude Wraps. I don't know if this will be uploaded to the website. I suspect it will be and I will post an alert here, on Facebook, and Twitter to let you all know. Once again, the uploads are supposed to be changed to Tuesdays now. I guess we'll find out tomorrow whether that is true but that is the rumor.


julie said...

i spoke with a educator at GEC and she confirm to me thats its not a rumor but she din't know if it will begin be next week or tomorrow?

MonkeyGirl said...

I LOVE my black GW and wear it all the time...I might have to get another in Ghost.

Laura said...

Picked up the heathered white GW tonight, I love it!