Monday, November 7, 2011

Photos: Make Davie Crazy Print, Run: Turn Around LS, Apres Pullover

A good close up photo showing details of the Make Davie Run Crazy print. The Pace Setter Skirt paired with a Short Sleeve Swiftly tee.

Shown with Inspire Crops
Shown with Hang Loose Running Luon pants
New Run: Turn Around Longsleeve tops in Persian Purple stripe and White/Gray Stripe. The tags said this is made of running luon but reports are that it feels very similar to pique. I am hoping to try this on tomorrow when I visit my local stores. I think this might be a top I "need" to add to my wardrobe.

Probably the cutest photos I've seen yet of the fleece Apres Pullover in Black Swan. I read rumors that this top is also coming in Persian Purple.


Anonymous said...

Have had mine since Friday and have already worn it three times. I have serious love for this pull.

Jenn Halter said...

Lulu: please, please PLEASE make a Run: Speed Skirt (tall) in that Make Davie Run Crazy print!! I love it, but the tall speed skirt is the only one I can get away with wearing without looking trampy!

MonkeyGirl said...

I'm not a big fan of prints, but I really like the Make Davie Run Crazy. Would love to see it in a tank, as an accent, such as the neck of a scoopneck. Here's hoping. I also am wearing my Cabin LS's like crazy as a layering piece now that it's colder. I like the turn around ls, but not sure I need to pay the price for a technical top when I could just get an inexpensive cotton long sleeve to serve my needs. I really like the way the reversible side in the turn around looks different. My black swan cabin LS looks the same on both sides except for the stitching.

Anonymous said...

I'm finding that lots of lulu stuff that's supposed to be reversible looks pretty much the same on either side! To me, reversible means a color difference, not just a stitching difference. And honestly the dance jacket I tried on the other day (supposed to be reversible), just looked inside out!