Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Newest Tank Colors to Hit The Stores - CRB, Run: Free, Power Y

Uh oh, my Kryptonite - heathered blurred gray in a CRB. I might have to get this. I loved that color when it was out a few months ago. What took them so long in the CRB? (Shown with the Heathered Persian Purple Stride Jacket).
Photo of the Lilac No Limit tank. Lilac is one of my favorite lulu purples.

Three new colors of the Run: Free Tank have hit the stores - Heathered Persian Purple, Heathered Plum, and Heathered Smokey Rose.

New Power Y in Heathered Plum. I like this color but I think I'd rather have it in a CRB. I hope one is coming.


Anonymous said...

Love that lilac no limit tank! You know, after a summer and early fall of boring products, suddenly I am wanting to buy everything. And it is around the holidays. My poor wallet!

Anonymous said...

i'd be curious to see a static plum vs. heathered plum color comparison -- they look identical to me!