Monday, November 7, 2011

New Rehearsal Tank, Bra, and Crop. The Dance Roll Legging Is Back. More Rehearsal LS Photos.

New Rehearsal Tank made of luxtreme. It's super cute but these open neckline, cross front tanks do not work for me for the gym. It also comes in Smokey Rose. As soon as I find more photos I'll update.

The new Rehearsal Bra shown with the Rehearsal Tutu.

There is also a new crop called the Rehearsal Crop. It's made of luon. It's shown with the Rehearsal long sleeve made of running luon.

The Dance Roll Legging is back from its two year hibernation. It's made of a Cashmere/organic cotton/bamboo blend. When it was out two years ago it was $128. I let you know what the price is this time around. I remember it being very soft and cozy when I tried them on before.

More photos of the Rehearsal LS made of running luon. I really want to try this on. I don't have any price info yet.


Anonymous said...

This model makes all these items look beautiful!

Unknown said...

Yeah, I was just thinking that these probably will not look as good on me as they do on the ballerina! The dance roll legging looks super comfy though.