Monday, November 14, 2011

NEW! Plum Mini Check Stride, New SE Wunder Under Pants, New Gym Essentials Kit & Gym Bag, and More

The Plum Mini Check Stride Jacket has finally started to arrive in stores. This jacket is just gorgeous.

New Special Edition Wonder Under pants with a big zipper.

New Run: Free tank in Heathered Smokey Rose shown with the newRecognition Pant.

New small gym bag or purse shown in Currant. I really like this. As soon as I find more info I will update.

The Gym Essentials kit is back again. I believe they were $48 last time they were out and I remember a ton of them ended up on markdown.

New Special Edition Scuba hoodie with removable sleeves so it becomes a vest.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad the plum mini check stride is finally coming to stores! Ever since your first post about it I've been hoping for it; and hopefully it will be uploaded too because I am not near a store. You are right, that is a BIG zipper on the SE WUs!

Olivia said...

That red makes a gorgeous gym bag! Maybe one day ;)

luluitis said...

Scuba Herringbone - CUTE!! AND you get a vest, too!!! I hope it comes to So Cal - soon!!

Anonymous said...

Ok, i don't get the white sprinkle look on the pants - reflective or not...I'm always busy taking white dog hair off my dark colored clothes, i don't need them permanently on my clothes! LOL HAHAHA!

Nicole said...

I'm obsessed with the thought of that bag, can't wait to see more details about it!