Monday, November 7, 2011

NEW! Hang Loose Running Luon Pant

Shown with the Turn Around LS in White/ Gray Stripe/Check
New Hang Loose Pant made of running luon. These are the running luon casual pants everyone has been waiting for. Lulu, what are you doing to me? I am out of money for all these goodies. Why couldn't you space all these great things out a bit more?

Hang Loose Pant Product Details:

-Boyfriend Fit Pant
-Made of super soft Running Luon
-inherent quick-wicking performance
-front zip pocket

I'll update with a price. The price is $108. That's probably because it's made of running luon but seeing as I'd get these pants only for lounge purposes and maybe to layer under ski pants, that is way too much.


Anonymous said...

Totally off subject- are most getting their size in the power technique or sizing down? TIA!!

LuluAddict said...

I sized down so the bottom part wasn't so long. I'm not sure what others are doing.

yogibabe said...

I stayed TTS since I can't size down (not available in 2). Looks fine on me, especially with the bottom cinched. My new fav "billowy" type! :)

Anonymous said...

I stayed true to size. I wear 4 in all tanks and got the Power Technique in 4 as well.