Tuesday, November 8, 2011

NEW! Adagio Wrap

I like the look of this wrap a lot but I am so out of money for this month.

Product Information:
  • Keep yourself warm and limber in your adagio, with this wrap style sweater
  • Cashlux blends organic cotton & rayon from bamboo with cashmere for added warmth
  • Fitted sleeves with thumbholes keep sleeve in place
  • Long front of wrap allows for multiple wrap options
  • Cropped back is great for layering
  • Delicate! Be gentle with me


Bern said...

What tank is that? Or is it a bodysuit maybe?

Amanda said...

yeah to heck with the wrap the way the black swan came out on that tank was beautiful... However, I dunno if that tank looks like it was made to handle more than a B cup.

LuluAddict said...

@ Bern - that's the new bodysuit.

Emma Erickson said...

So happy to see all of the new dance-wear coming out! Can't wait for leotards! I know Lululemon has to be on that! <3