Monday, October 10, 2011

Photos of the Latest - Lilac Full Tilt LS, Coal Herringbone Stride, New Pure Focus, and More

The Pure Focus tank is back in Black Swan (love!), Ghost, and Lilac. I definitely want to try the Black Swan on. I wore this to spin the other day and got compliments on it.

New Full Tilt LS in Heathered Lilac. This is gorgeous. I'll give this top another try but the neckline didn't lay right on me.

Black Swan Live Simple shown with Deep Camo Pique (I think) Black Slub Denim Work It Out Pants

New Heathered Deep Coal Herringbone and Black Stride Jacket. I like this one a lot. I hope it comes in the Define or another jacket.

New Tadasana Slit crop. I know a lot of people were curious as to what the back of the waistband looked like.


Anonymous said...

Hey Carolyn did you getvthe full tilt in a 12? How does it fit?

LuluAddict said...

I did try on the 12 and the 10. I thought it fit TTS and sizing down would make it too snug and reveal all my secrets, in the light colors especially.

Anonymous said...

How about the pure focus? What size did you go with?