Wednesday, October 12, 2011

More photos of the latest: Gratitude Wraps, Bolt Tech, Pure Focus, and More

Black Swan (BS) Gratitude Wrap. One last photo before tomorrow's upload. This is the one I am going to (attempt to) order tomorrow. I have read that the black is not as dark as the BS and that black tends to fade.

A nice close up of the hood on the Deep Camo Live Simply jacket. I think the Vinyasa scarf is the Lilac Heathered Coal Wee Stripe.

The new Black Swan Herringbone Pace Setter run skirt.

The Heathered Black Swan Define jacket. The version shown in the product alert notices must have been an early iteration.

The first photo I've found of the Coal Energy bra.

Pure Focus tanks in Lilac and Black Swan. I like the layer the Free To Be bra underneath this tank for extra support.

The new Integrity Hot tank in Black Swan and Ghost Herringbone Speed Shorts.

Heathered Black Swan Full Tilt Short Sleeve. I was skeptical when I first saw this but I liked it a lot. However, not enough to shell out $68 for one.

Tadasana Split Crop. I've read three opinions on the fit of these - the fit like Gather and Crow crops, they fit like Boogie crops, and they fit like short Tadasana pants. I am planning to visit the store tomorrow morning so will give these a try if they have them.

New men's Bolt Tech shirt that has a hidden pattern that shows up when the shirt is wet. However, it only lasts through 20 washes. I also noticed the neckline is a bit gathered. Not sure if I like that look on a man but maybe it's too subtle for most people to notice.


Anonymous said...

I pray that I can get one tomorrow. If not, eBay here I come. I'm just curious what time the upload will be on the east coast US.

Anonymous said...

I really like the Black Swan GW, but I also want the Black Swan Live Simply- then again, who knows if I'll even snag a GW- sounding like if one misses the download, they might miss the opportunity....I have a dentist appt tomorrow- watch, that's when it will happen, lol! Are downloads at specific times? I thought they were more random, but I would love to know the Eastern US time too, if there was one!

Anonymous said...

7am PST is the "normal" Thursday upload time!

Anonymous said...

I went to buy the Energy Bra in Coal and noticed that the price is 42.00, down from 48.00. I have a bunch of older energy bras (my favorite) and did not have it in coal. The website does not have the new colors yet except for black and it's still 48.00.