Thursday, October 20, 2011

Free To Be Bra Goes Up to a 12 - When Did That Happen?

When the Free to Be bra first appeared in the stores last summer I swear it only went up to a size ten. I bit the bullet and bought it even though it was a bit small because I liked the strap design and wanted to layer it under skinny strapped tanks for extra support. Tonight someone pointed out (thank you, Susan!) that there were some size twelve Free to Be bras in black on the Lululemon website. I think the size range might have been expanded on this latest release but I missed it. Well, whatever the story is I bought a twelve tonight. It seems as though Lulu has been adding more size twelves back into its product line. It used to be many of the running and non-core crops didn't go to a twelve but now most of the new ones do. Not all stores will get the twelve and I might have to order on line but I still appreciate the option.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone else think this bra runs small?? Had never worn it and grabbed one in Black Swan during the upload 2 weeks ago -ordered my flow y size. Ended up returning as it was uncomfortable after only wearing for 20 min...and of course no stores in my area have ANY :(

Anonymous said...

Unless they changed the strap material, this bra doesn't even support foam spheres, so I can't see how it would do with larger busted ladies. (I just used foam spheres because they are so lightweight, not as a comment on real humans with bodies.)
A shame, because it is a really cute design.