Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Black Heathered Coal Mini Check Wunder Unders, Herringbone Cap, Muted Mauve Stride

Some new items from the Product Notices that went out todya. These are  Black Heathered Coal Mini Check Wunder Unders

New Speedy Run hat in Deep Coal / Ghost Heathered Coal Herringbone. Now this one I might have to get.

 A very pretty Heathered Muted Mauve Stride Jacket.


Anonymous said...

I bought the stride on markdown last week.

LuluAddict said...

Interesting. I couldn't remember if I had posted the Stride already but I know Muted Mauve stuff is on markdown now.

lulumom said...

I have the muted mauve stride too..on markdown.

Anonymous said...

I saw in store tonight a lilac stripe stide jacket. It looked almost the same as a purpleish one released last year, can't really remember the name of it.