Friday, September 30, 2011

The Latest - Black Swan Dip Dye Scuba, Heathered Dark Coal CRBs and More

Black Swan to Black Dip Dye Scuba Hoodie and Heathered Black Swan Stride Jacket.
I'm not sure of the name but the Scuba definitely looks like what I would call a Black Swan Dip Dye. It's very pretty but the dip dye Scubas are priced at $148 on the website which is just too much for me.

 This photo didn't excite me too much until I looked at the waistband on the grooves. I really like the herringbone pattern and the heathered pattern shown with it. Also, the text in the photo was very exciting. It listed some new colors of CRBs - heathered tree frog (show in the photo), Lilac Stripe, and Heathered Dark Coal. I am very excited to see a Heathered Dark Coal CRB. I wonder if the waistband on the Grooves is Heathered Dark Coal or Heathered Black Swan.
 The new item in this photo is the Brisk Run Toque cap.

The item that is of interest to me in this photo is the Brisk Run Earwarmer with the speckles on it. It looks cute. The crops were idetified as Full Tilt crops but that's not correct.

Black Swan & Heathered Deep Camo Color Comparisons

A color comparison of the Deep Swan Swiftly on the left and a black Swiftly on the right. (Thanks to Quincey for this photo)

 A color comparion of the Heathered Deep Camo CRB to the Wren CRB (on the girl). I have the Wren CRB but I never wear it. I tend to wear my print and static/heathered CRBs a lot more than my solid colored CRBS. I'm definitely going to have to check the Heathered Deep Camo when it hits the US. (Thanks to Megan for this photo)

This is the photo of Heathered Deep Camo from the product alert emails. It looks brownish in this photo but you can see from the comparison above photo it looks a lot like Wren. Now that I've seen the real life HDC to Wren comparison photo, I definitely think that the Scoop Neck tank on the luluemon page is Heathered Deep Camo:

Heathered Deep Camo Scoop Neck Tank

Gratitude Wraps (in Black, at Least) Are Coming in October

Gratitude Wraps have a devoted fan base and  used ones trade for upwards of $200 on eBay. There is a rumor today on one of the Facebook boards that black Gratitude Wraps will be coming in mid October. My photo is of a Static GW that was out a couple of years ago. I know a lot of people will be excited to see them come back.

PS - If lulu is going to bring back old favorites, can you please consider bringing back the Remix Light or Remix Lux jackets? I really could use a lightweight zip-up sweat jacket. When my husband was looking at lulu hoodies, he felt they were much too thick to be practical.

Remix Lights

Remix Lights were made of french terry and were a lighter weight version of the Remix hoodies. I suppose if they brought them back, they'd be Scuba Lights. I have two and wear them every week. They are lasting like iron. They were released primarily in the US a couple of years ago. It's weird that Lulu doesn't have a lightweight hoodie as one of its core items. To me, it's a glaring gap in a basic athletic wardrobe.

The lux hoodie is very similar to the Remix Light except they were made of the modal fabric instead of french terry. I recently bought one off ebay and love it, almost more than my Remix Lights. The material is slightly lighter weight than the Remix Light. Modal seems to pill a lot more easily than french terry but it's super soft and stretchy. It's a great basic piece. If lulu ever brought back these jackets, I'd probably buy at least half a dozen right off the bat, they are that useful and comfortable.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

New Markdowns Added Tonight

Some new items were added to the markdown section tonight. As the Lulumum blog noted, if you ordered the black or heathered black City Beat pants that were just uploaded this morning but really wanted the Black Denim version that showed up in We Made Too Much tonight ($18 cheaper), refuse delivery on your order and it will be sent back to lululemon at no charge to you.

More Photos of New Items - Black Swan Stride, Currant, and More

The new Black Swan color is hard to pin down. I read it looks purplish in real life but, in other photos, it looks grayish. These are a new Stride in Heathered Black Swan/Black Swan Herringbone. It's a brushed Stride Jacket.

I think this is the new Black Swan Swiftly. It looks a lot like my lolo one in this photo. I suppose it could be Royalty. Black Swan looks a lot darker in the product alert photo:

Black Swan Swiftly
Ok, a real life photo of the new Black Swan Swiftly in good lighting. It's a blackish purple. (Thanks, Ms. X)

New scarf in what looks like that Currant color.

I'm not sure if these are new colors or the store got older stock from another store. Photos of these were just uploaded today. It looks like a Pique In Stride and a Heathered Something Define. It could be Heathered Blurred Gray but maybe it's that Heathered Green we saw in the Scoop Neck in the previous post.. I'll update when I find out more.

Upcoming Scoop Neck

Thanks to Christina for spotting this on the lululemon website. It looks like a heathered version of the new Deep Camo color in the Scoop Neck tank.

Today's Upload

I'm taking the lazy way out today and just posting a screen shot of some of the items that were uploaded this morning. With the exception of the City Beat pants that I know some people were looking for, it was an exceptionally lame upload. I don't know if stuff has been stuck in customs or at the manufacturers or whatever but the new arrivals at the stores and on the website have been pretty weak. I certainly hope some new colors, prints, and new designs (especially in tanks and tops) will be coming soon. I am quite bored with what lulu is currently offering. A new print would get me really jazzed up. I am curious to see what items the new colors Black Swan, Tree Frog Green, and Currant will come in. I am thinking it might be just a CRB and a Scuba jacket and that is it. That seems to have been the trend lately. It's good for my bank account but boring for a lulu addict.

Black Swan Swiftlys

This is the product notice from Park City. It has a couple of tiny photos of Swiftly tops in the new Black Swan color. I will update with better photos once I run across them. (Thanks to Quincey for the photo)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Aussie Heads Up - New Colors, New Arrivals, and Tonight's Shopping Trip

A new color CRB showed up these evening in Australian Product Alerts. This is Heathered Tree Frog. I'm so glad new colors are showing up finally. I was getting very bored with the same old, same old. There is also a new Heathered Deep Camo. I assume that is a dark green color. As soon as I find a photo of it I will post it. (Thanks to Megan for photo of the new Aussie CRB colors).

Another Australian product alert had the Premium Technikini in Currant. I would think this is the new red we are supposed to be getting.

These photos are from the Salt Lake store. Some new items in Lilac are starting to hit the stores. This is a Scoop Neck in Lilac Heathered Coal Wee Stripe/Lilac.

Heathered Lilac Flow Y

Lilac Swiftly SS

A new Stride in Black Swan. It's hard to tell from this photo but this is supposed to be a deep purple color not another shade of gray/black. It has a herringbone insert. When I first started buying lululemon four years ago herringbone, houndstooth, and pinstripes were used a lot. I'm kind of glad to see them again.

A new manifesto print LS.

Wunder Grooves Made in the USA - Yay!
I got to visit the Carlsbad store today. My sister was in San Diego on business and we met for shopping and dinner. I bought a pair of Wunder Under Grooves. So many people have raved how they prefer the higher waistband of the WU Grooves to regular Wunder Unders that I had to give them a try. I immediately liked the higher waistband. Like many others, I think the regular Wunder Unders give me terrible muffin top.  My regular Wunder Unders also feel kind of scratchy (they were made in Canada). I thought the material in the WU Grooves felt very soft, like the material in my Pritti crops. I didn't expect to like them so much and when I saw the solid black ones were made in the US I had to buy them. The heathered charcoal WU Grooves were made in Canada. I also tried on the X-long Heathered Magnum CRB again but decided I could live without it. I've seen so many photos where the extra length just seems to emphasize the hips or make everyone's tummies seem poochier than they are. The Carlsbad store didn't have much new stuff. My sister got the Snowy Owl Speed Skirt, a Ghost Power Y, and the Take Flight Pullover for her October 9th Portland Marathon. She really liked the fact that the Take Flight Pullover had some lycra spandex in it. She hates the lack of lycra in the current version of the Swiftly tops.

Price Increase in CRBs on the Way

The price of Cool Racerbacks is going to increase to $42. People have reported that some stores "repriced" existing $39 CRBs in the stores to $42 with the little white stickers. If lulu is going to be so tight-fisted as to mark up existing stock by $3, then do it right and print out all new hang tags. A lot of customers know that the white stickers means that the price has been changed and perceive lululemon as being excessively greedy when they change the price via little white sticker. I've heard that people are balking at the 30-50% price increase in the Scubas (from $98 to $128 or $148). Four colors of Scubas recenly went to "markdown" for $98 and they are still showing a full size range on the US side of the website. Lululemon does offer nice quality workout wear but many people are getting tired of the constant price increases.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Loot!!! (More Markdowns!)

More stuff added to the markdown section tonight!

Store Trip Report - X-Long Cool Racerbacks

If you read my twitter feed on the right side of the blog you'll know I got a chance to see the new X-Long Cool Racerbacks tonight at the El Segundo store. There are some differences in the fabric of the various colors. The Heathered Magnum and Rocksteady are made of regular luon light, are reversible, and made in Canada.  The Heathered Magnum, as is typical of "print" luons, has some polyester in it: 42% polyester, 45% nylon, 7% lycra spandex. The Rocksteady is the normal light luon formula of 92% nylon, 8% lycra.  The Surge, Lavender Haze, and Black are made of the same SPF material that was used in the Paradise Rashguard (similar to luxtreme, slippery, shiny material), is not reversible, and made in China.

Rocksteady X-Long CRB - made in Canada
I really liked the Heathered Magnum and will be getting it as soon as I find one in my size. I don't plan to wear it like most of these ladies, yanked down all the way, but gathered up a little like a tunic.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Special Madison Avenue Shopper Tote

For those of you who like to collect shopper totes, the new Madison Ave New York City has their own tote. I like it!

Extra Long CRB, Pritti Crops First Wearing, and Free Fall Crops (Updated)

The South Miami store called this an Extra Long CRB but on the lulu website the Extra Long CRBs only come in Black, White, and Coal so I'm not sure if this really is an Extra Long CRB or just a regular CRB (probably the Heathered Lavender Gray) on a petite girl. If the Xtra long CRBs come in this heathered gray color, I think I have to get it.

Update: I heard back from the store - this is Heathered Magnum. I think I am going to have to buy it. They also said they have Extra Long CRBs in Surge, Rocksteady, and Lavender Haze.

Since the weather has cooled, I finally took the tags off my Pritti crops to wear to spin on Friday and really liked them. I like them a lot more than my Wunder Unders. WUs seem to cut into my waist and give me terrible muffin top. I found the waist of Prittis much more comfortable and gave me a smoother look in the front. I'm going to have to think about getting another pair.

I recently picked up a pair of Free Fall crops from Ebay for a song. They are lightweight (the tag says made of luon but I'd bet they are luon light or at least, a lightweight version of luon) and comfortable. They seem like a much improved version of the Here I Am crops. I don't think I would pay full price for them but if you find them on the markdown rack you might want to check them out.