Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New! Method Pants, Wrec Crew, and More

This showed up in one of my product alerts. It's a bit dark but it's a photo of a well-endowed woman sporting the Run: For Your Life tank.

I didn't see the Black Stripes Galore Power Y at the store today but I did buy the headband in this pattern. It's Black Space Dye alternated with either Heathered Black or Heathered Coal, I can't tell which. Now that I've seen it up close, I don't think I want this Power Y anymore. I don't care for the pinkish tones in Black Space Dye.

This is a photo of the new Dewberry / Mauve Wee Stripe Ta Ta Ta that's hitting stores. I saw this today.

There is a new pant, the Method Pant, hitting stores. The length is kind of awkward, similar to the flood-length Stance Pant.

New Biker Groove waistband colors in Dewberry Space Dye/Black Space Dye and Ghost/Magnum Space Dye. I saw these today and I've decided I have to pick up a third pair. These have become my favorite short crops/long shorts to work out in this summer. I use them for everything - spin, elliptical, weight lifting, walks. I am 5' 5" and don't have long legs so they hit me right at the top of my knee. I had contemplated buying the shorter Astro crops for summer workouts but I prefer the waistband of the Grooves (holds in poochy tummys with no muffin top) and find the seaming down the back of the leg and rear slimming (Astros don't have any seaming). The material seems lighter than my other luon crops and reminds me of the weight of Wunder Unders. The best thing about Grooves are they are reversible so you can have colors to match a tank one day and then turn them inside out to black for another.

I was bummed my stores didn't have this top (Silver Bullet LS) for me to try on. I read that they are $78. It's very cute but I have two long sleeve Swiftlys that I wear sparingly, so I'm not sure I can really use this one. This is a pretty color, though. I'd buy another Run: For Your Life tank if it came out in Heathered Raspberry.

 A photo of the Rocksteady Stripe Scuba.

 I like this new men's sweatshirt - the Wrec Crew. This striped one is very eye-catching.

I took a good look at the Triumph Tote today. It has a bajillion pockets. It's a very cute bag.


Anonymous said...

Re: the Method Pant
I am interested in these pants, but
what did you mean by "awkward" length?

Anonymous said...

upload is done...
camel cargo

littleLulu said...

oh my god. I just looked up the Silver Bullet tank on the website and is it really $118??? That surely must be a misprint. I have a hard enough time coughing up $50 for a tank but I justify it by thinking that I don't have to buy a separate bra (at least that's how I rationalize it in my head ;))

But $118 for a tank??!? I can't even speak because my jaw is on the floor.

Anonymous said...

just bought the black one for airplane carry on bag. it's perfect. I'm leaving my Tumi at home

LuLuBel said...

Tried on the silver bullet LS today. I generally wear a 6 but the guy at the store suggested sizing down. The 4 felt comfortable, but it showed EVERY last lump and bump. I didn't buy the shirt today, but it is very cute so I may go back for the 6 and just layer it over tanks.