Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Latest Arrivals

New Power Y in Ghost and Snowy Owl Speed Shorts. I love the Ghost Power Y but I woudn't be able to keep it clean.

New Wunderlust Rucksack in the Snowy Owl Print - very eye-catching!

I heard my local stores have the new Silver Bullet long sleeves in so I am hoping to give them a try tomorrow.

The new Dash II tanks are coming in Heathered Dewberry, Heathered Royalty, Heathered Magnum, and Static Black.

The newest Groove pants. The one on the left is Black Snowy Owl. I saw this over the weekend. The one on the right is a super cute reflective one - black reflective bird feet  but I don't know the name.

 The Heathered Dewberry Silver Bullet tank looks dark here - I love the color in this photo.

 I thought it was funny they found a horse to pose the Riding Jacket with. See, it is authentic! (Except that horse is harnessed to pull something, not ride.  ;-)  )

 The front pocket of the Triumph Tote. Looks like it has a ton of pockets. Can never have enough as far as I am concerned.

 Dewberry Spray Dye Speed Skirt.

 Royalty Speed Skirt

 Dewberry Spray Dye Speed Shorts.

The Run For Your Life Tank with a Free To Be Bra layers underneath. Paired with the RFYL crops.


Unknown said...

Did they just re-release the Dewberry spray dye speed shorts but with a raspberry waistband this time? I don't understand why they do this. Lulu also released the Surge spray dye speeds- one with a black waistband and one with coal trim, and one ended up in loot within a few weeks. I( already have the dewberry spray dye that was released a few weeks ago, I'm not going to buy another pair just because they have raspberry at the waistband! I wish they would just make raspberry speeds and stop releasing nearly identical items.

Anonymous said...

I picked up the Triumph Tote at my store yesterday. It does have a ton of pockets... at least 15 that I counted. Even pockets within pockets! For me, the best is the exterior zip pocket, which is perfect for my iPad (can fit up to a 15" laptop). Wish the main bag area were a bit bigger, but I suppose I should really learn to carry less to the gym. ;)

Canadian eh said...

What's the difference between "white" and "ghost"?

Megs said...

Have to agree with you Jenn. I also think the coal vapor spray (or whatever) is very similar in color scheme to the owl speed shorts. WHy would I buy both?

Guessing no one at Lulu is looking at cosnumer trends/feedback and what items sold last year (brights and plaids and prints)

Anonymous said...

The groove pants on the right must be the Black reflective bird feet -just received a notification with that listed but not shown.

Emily @ Sweating Sugar said...

I am not sure their intention is to have every customer buy every item, so releasing slight variations is not really that stupid of an idea especially if the previous version is no longer available. Having said that.....I wouldn't mind a nice green color to be introduced!

Anonymous said...

@Jenn: I saw one solid raspberry speed skirt in size 2 (that was not the dewberry spray dye speed skirt, they had that one too) at the lulu store in Boston last night, so I think they are coming in other sizes soon. I almost went home with it because I loved the color, but I couldn't get over how weird the pleats in the back look on me. I went home instead with the coal take flight skirt.

yogibabe said...

@Canadian eh- I was told by an Educator that Ghost looks like Pale Ivory. We'll see if LLA has seen one physically and post it here.

Anonymous said...

I saw the ghost speed skirt tonight, and I must say, its quite cute (unique), I think I will go back for it. I also tried on the silver bullet, liked it, but I didn't buy anything, I am trying to really think about my spending. I may go back for the skirt, really want to see more in raspberry!

Anonymous said...

I've been seeing alot of "I wish it had this or that" from you girls regarding Lulu items lately and just wanted to know why do you pay FULL price for it if it's not exactly what you want. LULU is priced 50% or more higher than the competing brands so it should be absolutely perfect and exactly what you want. Someone mentioned that if the clothing didn't have a Lulu logo on it, she probably wouldn't look twice at it. Does there logo really make things look better, like that hideous 'riding jacket' ewwww