Monday, July 11, 2011

NEW! Cardio Kick Crop, Cool Racerback Print, Heathered Black Still Shorts, and More

New luon crops - the Cardio, Kick Crops.

New Cool Racerback Print. Not sure if I like this one. It looks a like like the Black Roses Print.

New Still Shorts in Heathered Black. I like this color a lot.

More photos of the new Quick Step Pants.

New color in the Bliss Tank - Surge Wee Stripe/Surge

New colors in the Strength and Tone short - Heathered Royalty. I hope we see this color in a Scuba or other french terry jacket and maybe some tops.

Scoop Neck tanks now come with the adjustable bra.

Some photos of the luxtreme Deep Breath tanks. I just got word these arrived at my local store so I am hoping to give them a try tomorrow. I've read that some people think these feel more supportive than the luon light version. However, the woman in the Royalty one is still showing quite a bit of cleavage.


Luvlulu said...

The Dewberry DB doesn't look two-tone like it does on the website. I hope it's all luxtreme. Can't wait to these on at my store.

Summy.B said...

The deep breathe tank is really pretty!

Anonymous said...

Cardio crop with zippers are no for me. I got crop last year with zippers on the side they look very good in the store but during exercises dig in to my leg to the point that they scratch my skin. So if you like them try them on to see if zipper does not bother your legs.

Anonymous said...

I got the quick step pant today. I really like my dance studio pants, but I appreciate this version which has a slimmer leg cut and isn't a 55 mile long inseam (my guess is about 33 inches) I"m 5'7 and the length is perfect with sneaks or even flipflops. I like that the waistband isn't as bulky as the dsp. I just don't understand why they came out with the quick step and yoga camp pant in basically the same colors at the same time - they look like pretty much the same cut and the same pant but one rolls up and has side cargo pockets and one cinches up and has not side cargos. Anyone else that can tell me the difference? PS: the gal in the backpack needs to rethink that tank.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 6:20 pm - I think you captured the difference pretty well. They aren't very different. Lulu does this a lot - brings out similar pieces with slight differences. It seems odd.

Anonymous said...

Hmm... Lokks like some of the models are wearing the scoop neck with a bra. Does a flow y fit well under the scoop neck?

Anonymous said...

These pics of the quick step pants look as though they are pulling a bit around the top of the thigh, and this model is quite thin there. The only reason I am pointing this out is because I have a very round bum and thick thighs. It is nice to see a model between my physique and the usual no-bum type model. I'll still have to try the pants to see if they work on my shape. The 'Walk the Dog" pants from a few years back were great, and on sale. ($30)