Monday, July 4, 2011

The Inspire Jackets Are Coming Back

The new issue of Runner's World (thanks to Zanna for spotting this) has a photo of what looks like a Dewberry or Raspberry Inspire Jacket. Looking back at my old review, I see it felt a bit tight in the shoulders and upper arms. I wonder if that has changed. The price has been jacked up another ten dollars to $168.


Anonymous said...

the jacket is cute but i wouldn't pay $168. luckily, i got the senorita pink last fall for $59 on markdown.

Michelle Q said...

Very pretty! But yeah, almost $170 for a running jacket won't work for me. I'm very happy with my Get Up and Go and Hustle jackets which I got for much cheaper.

RunMama said...

I love my Inspire jacket. Waited til I got it for about $100 though. Just like I waited patiently for the Outward Bound Jacket to hit $100. There is a limit for my spending on run jackets.