Friday, June 10, 2011

Store Trip Report

I went to the store yesterday to return my Heathered Wren Clam Diggers and tried on a few of the new things. I tried on both of the new Deep Breath tanks. I love both of them but they are just not supportive enough for me. However, I might break down and get the Blurred Gray one since I love that color so much. I can always layer a Flow Y underneath.

The South Coast Plaza store is also one of the few stores (maybe only?) in our area to get the Heathered Deep Navy Sing Floss Travel jacket. It is really nice and would go great with jeans. I can see why this has become one of the hot SFT jackets to get. I don't really care for the longer length of the SFT (I sold my similar Wear With All jacket) but would love to see this color come out in a Scuba or, even better, Scuba Light. I would also love to see Still pants come out in a Heathered Deep Navy.

I tried on a few crops thinking I might trade in the Clam Diggers for another style and I took a long look at the Astro crops since I really want a shorter crop for summer. I don't have any Astros yet and I was very tempted to get the above pair but figured I'd be better off with a solid black so I held off since my store didn't have it in my size. I will definitely keep my eye out for new Astros, though. I like the shorter length and loose fit at the knee.

I visited the Irvine store today to bring in a couple of items to get some stitching reinforced and took a look around. Both the South Coast and Irvine stores have some decent sized markdown racks. Everything is at the first cut of markdowns. Both stores had some of the V-neck Swiftly tees in Tango marked down to $49, some Power Ys and Scoop Necks marked down to $39, some Mudra pants for $69, leftover white pullovers for $89 (I think), All Sport bras for $29, and various shorts and other things.


Anonymous said...

I wore my navy SFT jacket today for the first time. Love it. Was also thinking I'd love a scuba in the same color (or yes, even better yet, scuba LIGHT - where are the light french terry jackets this spring lulu?!?!?!?!). Anyhoo, I love the SFT (hate the wear with all).

Anonymous said...

Not sure why, but my astros give me camel toe. They're the only Lulus I have that do that. Naturally I don't wear them out anywhere. Too bad I didn't notice in the store before I bought them. I was distracted by how great they made my bum look...AND the luon is not the same, it's snaggy.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 11:26 am- I thought the luon in the Astros felt a bit on the thin side but it wasn't too rough. I just bought grooves with the blurred gray waistband and the luon felt thick. They do have two luon factories. I guess you have to let your fingers be the guide. I hope lulu comes out with more shorter crops. I still like Reverse Grooves the best even if they are a bit long.

Anonymous said...

So sad that the Heathered Wren Deep Breath and the Heathered Deep Navy Sing Floss Travel jacket did not make it in the upload this week. Hope these two are not like some of those that never made it online. I can't get to a store any time soon... :(