Monday, June 6, 2011

The Latest to Hit the Stores, Part 1 - LS Manifesto Shirt, Deep Breath Tanks, Circuit Tanks

Model Sharon has a Power Purple CRB underneath - to give you an idea how sheer this is.
I've heard that new long sleeve Manifesto tees were coming since the beginning of April so I'm not sure why they are so late to hit the stores. They are available in Black and White. I think you can see the white one to the left of the black one. It looks a bit sheer - burnout style. The last time I bought a long sleeve shirt with the manifesto print all over it I felt like a walking billboard. These are a little better in that the print is faded at the top but seeing print on my sleeves as I moved about my day was incredibly distracting. These will be an easy pass for me however, I know they are super popular. Update - these are $68 (less than last year?)

New Deep Breath tanks in Heathered Blurred Gray / Black and Wren / Heathered Sand Dune Wee Stripe. I love the HBG/Black version. I might have to give this tank another chance but I'm sure it will still be too low cut / too low support for me. Boo!

New Circuit Tanks in Toothpaste, Surge, and Coal have hit the stores. This is the Toothpaste version. It's shown with coordinating Knock Out Shorts in Heathered Blurred Gray / Toothpaste.


phxrunner said...

It's June - where are all the fun bright colors? I'm tired of only grays and wren and pastels. Everything on here is an easy pass for me. (Thanks for sharing though!!). Unless something amazing comes out, I don't think I'll be getting anything until there is a new color palette.

LuluAddict said...

@ phxrunner - I hear you. I wouldn't mind some bright pinks. We know there is raspberry-looking color called Dew Berry (we think) coming but I don't know about other colors yet.

Anonymous said...

There's a heathered tango red CRB online. Very pretty! GEC said that eventhough the name says "Tango Red", we will get the heathered version. If not, they will pay for shipping to send it back.

Luvlulu said...

I am looking forward to getting the Circuit Tank in Surge and the Run: Energy SL in surge and possibly black. I hope new colors come soon. I would love something in that new Berry color. One of the managers mentioned it was coming in June so I was hoping it would show up this week but it doesn't look like it.

Canadian eh said...

Hate toothpaste!
Luluaddict, if you think the deep breath is too low, try a coordinating power y under, super cute!

Anonymous said...

Not crazy about anything. Where is all the cute fun summer stuff! I agree about the colours, come on Lulu inspire me to buy something!!!I even went to a store a tried a bunch of stuff on and came out with nothing which is a first for me.