Friday, June 3, 2011

Australian Product Alert Photos - Heathered Wren Gather and Crow & New Scoop Neck

It looks like Australia is back to getting a lot of the same things at the same time as North America. These are a photo of Heathered Wren Gather and Crow crops.

I don't think I have posted this before and I haven't spotted it in my local store yet - it's the Scoop Neck Tank in Heathered Coal and Black.


Anonymous said...

Ah! Been hoping for more of the pretty heathered wren variations. Definitely WANT the Heathered Wren Gather and Crow crops. Please keep us posted as soon as you smell it's whereabout in the US.

Anonymous said...

LuluAddict. since you love Scoop Necks I think this is another new color of Scoop Neck spotted in an Australian store. I don't think I have seen that color combo before. Please correct me if am wrong.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 8:16 am - thanks for the link. I think that is the Pink Mist Space Dye Scoop Neck tank.

Heather said...

I saw this Scoop Neck today in my local store (Kingston, Ontario). They also had a white scoop with a Heathered Grapeseed neckline - it was really pretty and striking. The Grapeseed seemed a lot brighter in contrast with the white.

There seemed to be a lot of new tanks in that I hadn't heard about yet* (and I'm pathetically voracious), but nothing I wanted! Boo.

*Just new colours, not new styles.