Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Product Notice - Hot Yoga Hobo Bag

Here is the product notice for the new Hot Yoga Hobo bag I saw in the store last week. The color is black seabed. I don't know if it comes in other colors yet. I really like this one.

  • It won't make utkatasana at 40oC easier, but lugging your stuff to class will be
  • Front zip pocket for clean' befores', back zip pocket for sweaty 'afters'
  • Exterior pockets for quick access to phones and waterbottles
  • Interior pocketing system designed specifically for hot yoga needs
  • Removable, washable water-resistant pouch for wet gear
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Tested to hold 50 lbs/22 kg
  • 15"x 13.5"x 9"


Anonymous said...

HATE all these lulu "yoga" bags that don't actualy hold a yoga mat!!!!!!!

J said...

Agreed! Also, I cycle pretty much everywhere and I would love to see a bike messenger bag made to accommodate a yoga mat that won't throw me off balance in traffic...

Anonymous said...

Anyone know if this bag will hold a laptop? Has anyone seen it in person? I want to buy a bag that is good for travel with a laptop, with lots of little pockets and compartments, that also would be comfortable carrying around a big city. I ordered the Retro Groove Bag recently, but I just don't think that it's going to cut it for a travel bag. It feels a little awkward when it's loaded down. ALSO--rant to lulu, when it arrived, it was all folded over and I think that it will be permanent creases. It won't retain a "normal" shape now, so it's going back to the store.

@J and 9:16--I SO agree about the yoga / mat bag / cycling issue. The best thing I've found for a yoga mat / bike bag is the patagonia critical mass bag. You can strap a mat down under the top flap. It's far from perfect, and I keep waiting for Lulu to come out with something more functional.

Anonymous said...

Oh--and the fast in flight bag had that weird little yoga loop thing--completely useless. I do love that bag otherwise though.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 12:23 - there is no dedicated laptop sleeve pocket. There aren't a ton of little pockets on the inside - just 3 or 4 for cell phone, ipod, etc. Two giant, side-long pockets on the outside (which may fit a laptop) and two end pockets both inside and outside the bag (4 total).

Angie said...

I am trying to buy this bag but can't seem to find it online. What store did you find it in? Would be a perfect diaper bag for me.


Katherine said...

Angie - I just bought this as a diaper bag and it is the best bag ever. I adore it, it is super-functional (there is an exterior pocket that is just perfect for my change pad), and I've received 10+ compliments in two days. I really hope you can find one!

I just picked mine up at the Edmonton store on Whyte avenue...perhaps you could call? Maybe they have some in the warehouse or in a store that they could ship to you or to a store near you?

Anyway, good luck...it is as awesome as you think it is! (They should market it as a diaper bag...for example, the elastic labelled 'yoga mat' almost certainly would not fit a yoga mat, but is perfect for my A&A swaddle cloth that I use as a nursing cover. Viola!

Katherine said...

Angie - I just bought this as a diaper bag and you're right, it's perfect! The front compartment holds my change pad, the yoga mat slot holds my nursing cover...and to boot, I've received many comments since I bought it about a week ago.

I purchased mine at the Whyte avenue store in Edmonton...maybe you could call them...perhaps there are still some there or in the warehouse that could be shipped to you or to a store near you?

Good luck!