Monday, May 30, 2011

Photos - Toothpaste Let It Loose Tank, Surge Willpower SS, and More

Photos of the Let It Loose tank in Toothpaste. Anyone try this on yet? I am planning on going to the store tomorrow to see and try on all the new things. This tank in Toothpaste looks so similar to my Aruba No Limit Tank that I know I can live without this color.

Willpower SS Tech in Surge Blue. Love this color but not the fit of the Willpower SS.

New Coal print in the Run: Resolution Skirt. Print skirts are so cute.

Heathered Blurred Gray Clam Digger Crops. The Clam Digger crops are one of my favorite crops for summer for both the gym and casual wear. I love the snug fit in the rear but looser fit straight leg.

I'm pretty sure this is the new Coal Heathered Blurred Gray Stride that was in last week's product notices. I'll post a better photo when I find one. Reader Colleen says this is the Heathered Wren In Stride and I believe she is right. I'll post more photos when I run across them.

A new Special Edition Bum Bag was uploaded to the website. Quite a few new things or replenishments were made today and over the weekend so be sure to check it out.


Colleen said...

I think the Stride jacket pictured above may actually be Heathered Wren. I saw an HTWR (I think thats the product code?) Stride at my local store today in Vancouver

LuluAddict said...

Thanks, Colleen, I think you are right. Updating now.

Anonymous said...

i tried on resolution skirt. looks too busy: print+layers+... grey print looks dirty compared to tinted canvas one. now, on positive side: bliss dress in surge came in. i exchanged my white one for surge, which looks really-really-really beautiful

Michelle Q said...

Ok, REALLY not a fan of the new SE Bum Bag. The problem with the fanny packs is they make your bottom look bigger - the added ruffles only add to this problem.

I tried on the LIL tank the other day - REALLY liked the fit. The pleating at the bustline is quite flattering and the luxtreme bra feels nice and, IMO, comes up higher in the armpits than a Flow Y. Great news for those of us with boob spillage. I wanted one badly, but I've got a NLT in black, so coal is a pass for me. The only other colors I saw were Toothpaste and Pink Mist and pastels do me NO favors. I'm hoping for a brighter color to hit my store. Fingers crossed.

Anonymous said...

I love your new plain background - it makes sneakily reading your blog at work much easier :)
Seriously though, I feel like the clothes speak for themselves and you don't need a flashy background, so nice work!

Anonymous said...

The colors of LIL are the same ones of the recent styles. The Toothpaste looks like my Aruba NLT and I'm all pink mist/space dyed out! Was hoping they would come out with different colors completely so that I'll be tempted with the LIL, but it'll be a pass for me since I already have 5 NLTs.

Red Deception said...

I returned my two Willpower SS tops, because I didn't like the fit. The neckline was too low and showed my sports bra, and it fit my arms too tightly.

I am intrigued by the Run Resolution Skirt. I think it is really cute but I wonder how it would fir on someone with a generous backside.

momof5 said...

I dont like the back of the LIL -- it looks like an afterthought how they just folded over the back part of the tank IMO -- looks odd to me -- unfinished