Friday, May 27, 2011

NEW! Sunbeam Pullover and Cool Down Jacket

New Sunbeam Pullover. I think this is the pullover from the magazine article a reader sent in a couple of weeks ago. If so, this is $98. It has sun protection. It' shown with the Run: Resolution Skirt.  That stitching detail looks like what they used on the front of the I Just Wanna Run tanks. I wonder if those will be coming back, too.
 I Just Wanna Run tank from last year

New reversible Cool Down Jacket. I love these hip length jackets. Anything with a sheer luon reversible side is going to be super soft. I like the structured slouchy look of this. As soon as I find out details on price and colors I will post. I would assume this jacket is going to be somewhere around $128 or more.

I also hear long sleeve manifesto shirts are coming soon. Also, I believe that the Let It Loose is hitting stores now. Hmmm, I have soccer all weekend. I am going to have to sneak in a trip to the store somehow.


Anonymous said...

Who wants jackets and long sleeves?!!! WTH are the running tanks. I raced my marathon season in Nike this year, if lululemon wants to be considered serious contenders for running gear, they at least need to get their seasons right. Its a humidex of 32C in Southern Ontario (90F if you are on the old system), I want cool clothes to wear!!

phxrunner said...

So funny - I remember when it was getting cold we were all moaning and groaning that they kept releasing shorts and tanks. And now it's hot and all we get is jackets and long sleeves. I agree - I'm looking for some fun summer stuff here. It's already 100+ degrees - give me some bright speed shorts and cute tanks. That's all I'm interested in.

RunMama said...

I like the look of this jacket, but I have a feeling it's going to come in black, coal and white - pass, pass, pass. I agree with other posters, where is the bright colored run stuff?

LuluAddict said...

I am with you guys. I would love to see some new tanks, especially lightweight running in silverescent and luxtreme. My spin class gets so hot in the summer. What was interesting was that I say some Senorita Pink slipless headbands and a yoga mat show up in a product alert. I wonder if that means the color will be making a comeback or they were just clearing out old stuff.

Anonymous said...

looks like this jacket is tencel on one side, and sheer luon on the other...interesting.